Labor Day Weekend- Football, wedding, and Willow River

What a long great weekend. We are still recovering.  Tuesday we spent the whole day doing nothing except for resting and cleaning in our pj’s all day.  This last weekend Kenna had missed a lot of naps so she was quite the crabby apple.  She was definitely acting like a two-year old.  Kenna is a fantastic little girl and the only time she gets sassy and  has melt downs is when she is tired out.  Sometimes I am little surprised at what she does when she is tired.  One time she bit off a piece of Emmy’s toy basketball and shoved it up her nose. She kept sticking her finger up there and I jokingly asked her if she was digging for gold and when Trav looked, it wasn’t gold she was looking for, it was a chunk  of Emmy’s basketball.  I had to turn around because I couldn’t help but laugh.   Little kids are so funny.

PJ Day

Last Friday, we went to a high school football game. It was such a beautiful night for a football game. Kenna had a blast and played with a little friend we were sitting next to the whole time.  Emmy on the other hand was not to ecstatic for high school football.

Football Game

Saturday we got up early and dropped the girls off at my dad and step-moms house.  We then drove to Keshena, Wisconsin.  Travis’s roommate from college was getting married. On the way we picked up one of Trav’s good friend and stopped and golfed a quick 9 holes before the wedding.  I enjoy golfing, but I am way better at running on golf courses than golfing on them.  Growing up, most of our cross country races were run on golf courses.  Running is way easier than golfing.

Golf course

The wedding was held at the Bride’s house. It was at her family’s beautiful home in woods.  There was no service in the woods so we left all of our phones in the car and I didn’t get any pictures.  It felt weird not carrying my phone, especially when I am not with the girls. I was a little worried that no one could get a hold of me if something happened.   It is amazing how dependent we have all become on our phones.   We also always use our phones GPS service.  Earlier that day we saved the wedding address on phone, but nobody could get service.  We ended up driving around the woods trying to remember what roads we were supposed to take.  Hmmm, maybe I should get  map for the van.  Luckily, there are not a lot of weddings in the woods and we ended up seeing two boys parking people for a wedding and sure enough we made it.  After the wedding we hit up the casino.  The casino was only 10 minutes from the wedding and my husband enjoys to gamble.  I have a hard time losing money without getting anything in return. At least when I “lose” money at the mall I come out with clothes or shoes, or cute things for the girls.  We stayed in a cute lodge just 15 minutes from the casino.  It was nice that we did not have to drive very far.

Log Cabin

Sunday, we packed up and headed back to our side of the state.  Trav and I picked up the girls and headed home.  We were having his family over to say goodbye to his brother. His brother is going over seas to play basketball and get his master’s degree.

Monday we ran errands and then went to the water falls at Willow River State Park.  It was a great night for a little walk with the family.

Kenna 10
My happy little girl!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


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