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37 Weeks:

Total weight gain/loss:  Around 24 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes– Yes- Yes- I wear the same couple shirts on repeat

Stretch Marks: Still just a couple left over from the other pregnancies! Fingers crossed I do not get any new ones.

Symptoms: Perioral dermatitis on my face- I feel like it is is getting worse 😦 , digestion problems, my feet will get really sore, HEARTBURN- sometimes I eat like a bite of something and will get awful heartburn:( My stomach is squished. My hips are sore and I totally get lightening crotch

Best Moment: Trav’s team being Regional Champs and seeing our babe during another ultrasound

Miss Anything: Going for a run, sleeping on my stomach, not being so crabby, not being so tired, a summer drink

Movement: Yes- Moving and Grooving

Food cravings: Nothing sounds good these days

Have you started to show yet? Yes-by far my biggest belly. I am bigger now than when I gave birth to Kenna lol.

Labor Signs: Sore Hips, Sore inner thighs, Lightening crotch

Belly button in or out: Popped and stretched- the bottom will not pop because I have a scar from when I got my gull bladder removed.

Gender:  Any guesses? GETTING ANXIOUS-

Sunday, June 9th and a Girl because that is all I know.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: MOOOOODDY and super tired

Baby’s Heart Rate: 150

Weekly Favorites: Seeing the babe at another ultrasound.  My doctor wanted to do one more check of the heart to make sure everything was looking good.  They also measured baby H and everything is looking great.  The ultrasound was really quick and we didn’t get any pictures. I was hoping to get a good 3d one to compare to the other girls ultrasounds, but nothing.  Also Trav’s team are REGIONAL CHAMPS.  My doctor also checked me and I am 1.5 cm’s dilated and 50% effaced. Making progress!!!!

Looking Forward to: Baseball playoff game, school ending, my next doctor appointment.


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