36 Weeks:

Total weight gain/loss:  Around 23 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes– I feel like some of them are getting small and tight. It is hard because big shirts make me feel like a tent and tight shirts are soooo uncomfortable.  Running shirts for life!

Stretch Marks: Still just a couple left over from the other pregnancies! When did you get stretch marks during your pregnancy? Gradually or just like bam overnight?

Symptoms: Perioral dermatitis on my face (so red and bumpy lately), digestion problems, my feet will get really sore, HEARTBURN- sometimes I eat like a bite of something and will get awful heartburn:( My stomach is squished.

Best Moment: Trav’s team winning first round of playoffs

Miss Anything: Going for a run, sleeping on my stomach, not being so crabby, not being so tired, a summer drink

Movement: Yes- I wonder what position the baby is in. I still feel like it is really high in my stomach, but then I feel the baby parts really low.

Food cravings: Carbs- pancakes, muffins, bread- maybe because that seems to be the only things that do not give me heartburn.

Have you started to show yet? Yes-by far my biggest belly. I am bigger now than when I gave birth to Kenna lol.

Labor Signs: A little pelvic cramping- round ligament pain

Belly button in or out: Popped and stretched- the bottom will not pop because I have a scar from when I got my gull bladder removed.

Gender:  Any guesses? GETTING ANXIOUS

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: This mama is tired- Baseball season is usually pretty exhausting for me, but being pregnant during baseball season kicked my butt last week lol. Just plain old tired and crabby. The girls are exhausted too. We are ready for a nice long relaxing memorial day weekend!

Baby’s Heart Rate: 150


Weekly Favorites: Sitting in the recliner, smoothies, and the Seedlings linen spray all over my pillows.

Looking Forward to: Long Memorial weekend- baseball playoffs (GOOO TIGERS), 36 week doctor appointment- I need to switch my doctor appointments so they actually match up with the week I am at.   lol.  By the time I get to the doctor I am already almost to my next week.  So this time when I go in I will be 36.5 weeks.


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