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34 Weeks:

Total weight gain/loss:  Around 21 pounds- the most so far at this point

Maternity clothes: Yes-everyday-

Stretch Marks: Just a couple left over from my last three pregnancies- I get stretch marks on my butt, inner thighs, and lower back area and some other areas.  I been rubbing my belly with Tender Tush cream to help with stretching- keeping my fingers crossed it keeps the stretchmarks away.  My belly button has been super sore and really stretched out.

Symptoms: Perioral dermatitis on my face, digestion problems, swollen feet, and braxton hicks, feeling full, HEARTBURN (BOOOOO)

Best Moment: Going to an Escape room with some Oil gals. It was sooo much fun. I can’t wait to take Trav.

Miss Anything: Exercising, sleeping on my stomach, not feeling like I have to pee all the time, a cocktail, my energy, my patience

Movement: Yes

Food cravings: I could just eat desserts for every meal and be perfectly content 🙂 lol

Have you started to show yet? Yes- Yes, and YES

Labor Signs: A couple braxton hicks.

Belly button in or out: stretching and popping and the skin is super thin

Gender:  I have no feeling of what it is.  I we just plan girl because that is what we know and if we have a boy it will be a huge game changer lol.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Rough week- super tired and emotional

Baby’s Heart Rate: 142


Weekly Favorites: The green grass, mowing, a little sunshine, going to an escape room with friends, taking Kenna to her first soccer practice:)

Looking Forward to: Mother’s day, my doctor appointment, I also scheduled a pedicure (alleluia) WARMER WEATHER


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