We had the best weekend at Wisconsin Dells with some great friends.  Every year we meet up with Trav’s baseball friends and their families.  It is amazing how it has changed through the years.  It is now 12 adults and 11 kids with three more kids on the way:) All three of us that are pregnant are due within like two weeks of each other! It will be so much fun next year when we have three new babes!!

The girls loved playing with the other kids, staying in a hotel, getting to go to a water park, eating pizza, and swimming in the pool. They are getting to be such a fun age and we had a blast in the hotel pool. The girls swam like little fish:)

As for pregnancy it was a little better week:)  I feel like I have a tad bit more energy. I think my iron might have been low so I increased my iron food intake a lot. We also had another ultrasound.  At our first ultrasound at 21 weeks they noticed a heart arrhythmia with little baby H.  We had to go back and get another ultrasound to make sure little baby’s heart was good and that there were no other abnormalities.  I was so worried for the last week in a half, but THANK GOD, everything came back normal and little baby H is doing great and growing nice and big! It was a long week thinking way too much and worrying way too much. I am thankful that our ultrasound had all good results and am looking forward to a low key rest of my pregnancy.

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23 Weeks- 

Total weight gain/loss:  10 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes- All the time. My pregnancy jeans now fit too:) So I have a couple more options.

Stretch Marks: Just a couple left over from my last three pregnancies- I get stretch marks on my butt, inner thighs, and lower back area and some other areas.

Symptoms: Perioral dermatitis on my face, appetite increase, dog tired, digestive issues, tailbone pain

Best Moment: Getting to see baby Helland again and making sure baby is growing okay:)

Miss Anything: Not being sooooooo tired, my patience, an adult beverage, and warm weather

Movement: Yes, I love feeling it move.  I can just lay in bed all night and feel it’s tiny kicks and movements.

Food cravings:  Not much. Chocolate chip cookies, this amazing ranch dressing I found, but nothing too exciting.

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I think I am bigger than my other ones.

Labor Signs: zero

Belly button in or out: Half popped-the top part is popped out and the bottom part is not.

Gender: I have no idea.

Mayan Calendar: Girl                                                                                                                Baking soda/ urine Test: Boy                                                                                                          The Chinese Calendar said: Girl

Pendulum test: Girl                                                                                                                                Baby’s Heartbeat: Greater than 140= Girl                                                                                          Morning Sickness: No= Boy                                                                                                                  Carrying High or Low: High= Girl                                                                                                      Cravings Salt or Sweet: Salt= Boy                                                                                                      Extra weight out front or around hips and bottom- Extra weight around hips and bottom= girl                                                                                                                                            Heartburn: none= boy                                                                                                                          Cold Feet- Boy (side not it was -55 here this week with windchill lol)                                        Color of urine- Clear or Yellow: Yellow= Girl                                                                                                 So far old wives tales tallies: 7 for girl and 5 for boy—-

Any other fun ones to try???? I totally know they are not accurate- it is just fun to see:)

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody- sooo moody. Wufta.

Baby’s Heart Rate: 155 ❤ ❤ It has slowly been decreasing every


Weekly Favorites: Spindrift water, cookies. coffee, Tessemae’s Ranch dressing

Looking Forward to:  I AM GOING TO FLORIDA ❤ ❤ My next doctor appointment, daylight savings time, and SPRING.


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