21 weeks ultrasound

Our sweet little baby!! I love it sooo much already!!

We had our ultrasound today!!!  The baby is measuring in the 60th some percentile and is looking great.  I am even measuring a couple days early. YAY.  The baby is around 1 lb.  It is seriously the most amazing little miracle.  It is crazy how much it already looks so much like a little baby just moving around in my stomach.  We did not find out gender, but any guesses????

21 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  9 pounds-

Maternity clothes: Yes more and more.

Stretch Marks: Just a couple left over from my last three pregnancies- I get stretch marks on my butt, inner thighs, and lower back area and some other areas.

Symptoms: Perioral dermatitis on my face, appetite increase, tired, digestive issues

Best Moment: Getting to see the baby ❤ ❤

Miss Anything:  Not being sooooooo tired, my patience, an adult beverage, and the sunshine

Movement: YES!!!! Travis can feel it as well. I asked Kenna if she wanted to and she was totally weirded out and said NO! lol

Food cravings:  Nothing this week. I can’t think of anything that sounds good or even any restaurants that I would want to go to if I could.

Anything making you queasy or sick: This week things have been pretty mellow

Have you started to show yet? Yes, Trav and I were just talking about how in these last two weeks my bump has popped

Labor Signs: zero

Belly button in or out: Half popped-the top part is popped out and the bottom part is not.

Gender: After the ultrasound I would say the 3d picture looked most like a boy compared to our other ones, but its so hard to say lol.  I also did not see anything in the nether regions to make me think it could be a boy. We asked not to find out the gender and our ultrasound tech said she would stay away from that region, but I still tried to steal a glance to see if I could see anything and there was nothing that made me think we were having a boy.   Trav said after the ultrasound he thinks there is a 50 percent chance of either girl or boy. HAHAHAHA

Mayan Calendar: Girl                                                                                                                Baking soda/ urine Test: Boy                                                                                                          The Chinese Calendar said: Girl

Pendulum test: Girl                                                                                                                                Baby’s Heartbeat: Greater than 140= Girl                                                                                          Morning Sickness: No= Boy                                                                                                                  Carrying High or Low: High= Girl                                                                                                      Cravings Salt or Sweet: Salt= Boy                                                                                                      Extra weight out front or around hips and bottom- Extra weight around hips and bottom= girl                                                                                                                                            Heartburn: none= boy                                                                                                                          Cold Feet- Boy (side not it was -55 here this week with windchill lol)                                        Color of urine- Clear or Yellow: Yellow= Girl                                                                                                 So far old wives tales tallies: 7 for girl and 5 for boy—-

Any other fun ones to try???? I totally know they are not accurate- it is just fun to see:)

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody

Baby’s Heart Rate: 160 ❤ ❤

Weekly Favorites: I got fresh flowers and it is amazing how they can brighten up the room.

Looking Forward to:  Valentines day, going to Wisconsin Dells with the girls and Trav’s college friends, I ALSO BOOKED A TRIP TO FLORIDA!!! ❤ ❤  AND A SPA DAY WITH MY SISTER—- February is going to rock


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