I can’t believe I am half way through this pregnancy.  It has been my hardest pregnancy, but thankfully my fastest:) I am so excited to see this little peanut in one week at our ultrasound.
This last week was sooo COLD in Wisconsin.  We had 5 days of a polar vortex where we had temps with wind chill  -55.  Like are you kidding me. That is crazy.  We couldn’t do anything and were cooped up for almost a solid week.  Jovie didn’t sleep well which made for long days filled with lots of tears, breaks, and me reading online what to do with an angry two year old.    So to stay the least I am soooo over January.  That was one long month. I am ready for spring and sunshine and to play outside and not have my face hurt because it is so cold when I step outside.
Pregnancy keeps trucking along. It has been my hardest pregnancy.  I have more digestive issues than I have had in the past and feel that if it is possible that I am even more tired than I have been with the last pregnancies.  I literally do not want to get up or do anything.  I have to give myself little pep talks to get anything done.  Hopefully as it starts to warm up my energy will come back around a little bit.  I also feel like it is hard to do extra things with the girls.  I just don’t have energy.  I will be thankful when I am more like myself again and can help the girls more and play and do crafts, and have more fun.  Right now I feel like I am just a big tired negative Nancy. lol.   My face rash is still going strong and if I don’t wear makeup I get a lot of comments like “Ohhhh honey your face is so red.”  I don’t even try to explain, I just comment “oh yes, it is super cold outside” and move along with my day. The baby has been moving more and more and Travis has been able to feel it multiple times.  I love to sit there at night and feel it move. It is crazy to think about how there is a little human moving around in their, it sure is a miracle.



20 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  7 pounds

Maternity clothes: I love my maternity leggings and wear them almost everyday.  I also wear two maternity t-shirts and then just my normal shirts.

Stretch Marks: Just a couple left over from my last three pregnancies- I get stretch marks on my butt, inner thighs, and lower back area and some other areas.

Symptoms: Perioral dermatitis on my face :(, Tired, emotional (I cried at the end of Mulan) lol. I am not usually a big crier so it is weird to me.  Digestive issues

Best Moment: To feel the baby move more and more!!!!! ❤ ❤

Miss Anything:  Not being sooooooo tired, my patience, an adult beverage, and the sunshine

Movement: YES!!!!

Food cravings:  These chicken sausages I get from Costco and chocolate chip cookies

Anything making you queasy or sick: Riding in the car and not eating enough

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I think it grew a lot this week

Labor Signs: zero

Belly button in or out: Half popped-the top part is popped out and the bottom part is not.

Gender: Sometimes I think it is a boy, but then it is hard to think that since this pregnancy is so much like all of my other ones.  When I initially got pregnant I thought it was a boy, I just had this feeling, but as pregnancy continues it is tough to say.

Mayan Calendar: Girl                                                                                                                Baking soda/ urine Test: Boy                                                                                                          The Chinese Calendar said: Girl

Pendulum test: Girl                                                                                                                                Baby’s Heartbeat: Greater than 140= Girl                                                                                          Morning Sickness: No= Boy                                                                                                                  Carrying High or Low: High= Girl                                                                                                      Cravings Salt or Sweet: Salt= Boy                                                                                                      Extra weight out front or around hips and bottom- Extra weight around hips and bottom= girl                                                                                                                                            Heartburn: none= boy                                                                                                                          Cold Feet- Boy (side not it was -55 here this week with windchill lol)                                        Color of urine- Clear or Yellow: Yellow= Girl                                                                                                 So far old wives tales tallies: 7 for girl and 5 for boy—-

Any other fun ones to try???? I totally know they are not accurate- it is just fun to see:)

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody

Baby’s Heart Rate: 162 ❤ ❤

Weekly Favorites: Coffee, Sparkling water (Spindrift- is my new jam), and those chicken sausages from costco. I could eat them everyday.  Peace and calming in my diffuser at night!!

Looking Forward to:  Our Ultrasound in ONE WEEK, Valentines day, going to Wisconsin Dells with the girls and Trav’s college friends, I ALSO BOOKED A TRIP TO FLORIDA!!! ❤ ❤  AND A SPA DAY WITH MY SISTER—- February is going to rock


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