24 Weeks

I can’t even remember what I did this last week. I swear my pregnancy brain is kicking in because I also put spinach in the cupboard the other day.  Tuesday was beautiful out so we went to watch some high school legion baseball and then to watch Travis play softball.  Kenna loves to go watch softball because she gets to play on the playground.  I do a lot of watching Emmy. At one point Trav’s team was ahead 11 to 3 and I had no idea which team was winning team. lol.   On Wednesday, we had a play date with our neighbors that we hadn’t seen  in forever. We had a ton of fun chatting and watching our girls play.  On Thursday night I had a dinner date with my bible study ladies from fall and winter. We tried out a new restaurant. I love trying out new places. It was also great to catch up with the ladies and it makes me super excited for fall when we start up our bible study again.  On Friday we were supposed to go to the cabin for the 4th of July, but decided to stay home. The girls and I were exhausted after running around last weekend and my grandmas funeral at the beginning of the week so it was really nice just to relax at home.

Friday my mom taught me how to make strawberry rhubarb jam and it is aaammmazing. I felt like Betty Crocker.  I have never canned or jammed anything in my life. I was pretty proud of myself lol, maybe I will be able to make raspberry jam on my own when our raspberries come in.

On Saturday we took the girls to a 4th of July parade and they had a blast. When the parade people starting throwing candy I am pretty sure Emmy thought it was the best day of her life. lol. She is soo funny. It still took her a good 45 minutes to learn how to pick up the candy, but it was super fun to watch her and Kenna wave to everyone.  Afterwards we grabbed some food and ice cream with my dad and step mom.  Saturday evening we had our neighbors over and the kids played while the parents hung out on the patio. We are pretty lucky that we have a neighborhood of great people.  I think we defiantly need to set up a neighborhood block party for next summer.

Sunday evening we met up with my sisters and my mom and step dad and went out to eat. Afterwards we took Kenna on some rides at the carnival and then hung around until the fireworks went off. Kenna loved the fireworks and Emmy fell asleep during the grand finale. Kids are so funny. I guess Emmy wasn’t super impressed.

To keep the festivities rolling on Monday we woke up and met my cousins at the beach. Kenna and Emmy LOVE the water and played in the water until we went back to my cousin’s house for  bbq. Finally we were all tired out and went home and crashed for the rest of the evening. It was a great 4th of July weekend and I am so thankful for all of my friends and family.  I am also very grateful for all of the military personal that are out there protecting us day in and day out.

How far along:  24 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  13 pounds- too much yummy food on the 4th of July

Maternity clothes: Yes and I should not try to wear my normal clothes anymore. I popped a  button off of my white shorts the other day:(  I don’t have white maternity shorts and really wanted to wear a shirt that went with white shorts, so I put on my normal white shorts and tried to wear them really low under my belly. They fit, until I started to walk around and that button flew right off.  So no more regular clothes. lol.

Stretch Marks: No new ones

Symptoms: Perioiral dermatitis (rash on my face), car sick, Itchy Palms, appetite increase

Best Moment: Having a nice relaxing 4th of July with my friends and family

Miss Anything: A cold beverage on a hot summer night

Movement: Yes, I feel him/her a lot. My placenta is on the back this time so I feel a lot more sharp kicks in my belly this time around.

Food cravings:I found my flaming munchies:) YAY. Lately I haven’t really been craving anything.  Just eating a lot of yummy food at all of our 4th of July get together.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Car Rides being out in the sun too long

Have you started to show yet? Yes, I am the biggest out of all three pregnancies. Too be expected.

Labor Signs: zero

Belly button in or out: Still half popped

Gender: No idea- I go back and forth all of the time. I catch myself calling it a boy, but then I think it will probably be a girl. It is so fun not to know.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty moody, but feel like I am coming around

Baby’s Heart Rate: 152 at this last appointment

Looking forward to: Our town’s festival, my dad and Trav’s birthday’s, camping, a little get away with my hubby, the county fair, and more beautiful weather!


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