Great week, besides the weather. It has been rainy.  I guess April showers bring May flowers.  This week has been fun with the girls. They are starting to play more and more together and I love watching them giggle with each other. Kenna is getting so big and I just want to soak up every moment  with her because before I know it she will be off to school.  Emmy is learning to talk and it is so funny. She will just randomly repeat things Kenna and I say and we will be like did she just say that.  She said doggy and excuse me this week.  She is one goofy girl. She also tries to mimic what you are doing, which is hilarious because she is not super coordinated yet.   I also got my hair done, which is always fun! 🙂   Pregnancy keeps rolling along. Pretty quickly this time around.  Ooooo I also made an amazing iced coffee this week. I will share soon for all of my iced coffee lovers. It taste just like Caribou Coffee’s crafted presses.


How far along:  14 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  3 pounds

Maternity clothes:I took out my bin to wash them.

Stretch Marks: Just a couple left over from my last two pregnancies

Symptoms: Tired, Perioral dermatitis, round ligament stretching

Best Moment: Spending time with Trav and the girls on Sunday.  Travis and I went on a date without kids:)

Miss Anything: I wish I could have had one drink when we were on our date.

Movement: Maybe, might be gas bubbles. So nothing for sure yet.

Food cravings:  Loving fruit and pizza and buffalo chicken dip. I also hate veggies right now:(

Anything making you queasy or sick: If I don’t eat often enough and car rides sometimes.

Have you started to show yet? The bump is coming.

Labor Signs: zero

Belly button in or out: In

Gender: I don’t know. We have boy names picked out, but have no girl names. We would love suggestions. We like short girl names to go with Kenna and Emmy. WE HAVE NOTHING! lol.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty good, getting less crabby

Baby’s Heart Rate: 156

Looking forward to: Seeing Trav’s family, warm weather, the sun, mowing the lawn, Young Living Oils convention with the ladies, buying a play set for the girls, and getting chickens.  Yes, we are getting chickens again. If they poop on my patio once, they are gone. We are going to try them again, because they eat wood ticks. Last years bunch just got a little too friendly. Coming in our house, the van, perching on our patio furniture. I think they thought they were house pets.


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