Just like that another month as gone by. Emmy is now 7 months old. She can army crawl like a champ.  She can also crawl on her hands and knees for a few feet before she drops back down to her army crawl.  She can pull herself up on different objects and goes from lying on her tummy to sitting in 2 seconds flat.  She is excellent at baby planks because she has not quite figured out how to crawl with her knees. She is going to be one strong girl.  Emmy also loves to scream in the car.  One thing that stops her screaming is singing and not just any singers, she loves female singers.   No lie.  She loves “Girl Crush” and Mama Cass, “Dream a Little Dream.”  When I sing, she only gets to hear “Down by the Bay”, “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Old McDonald” and they are not even to the right beat.  I am seriously a terrible singer.  She is a super happy little girl who is full of smiles and rocking red hair right now.  Her hair is a beautiful auburn color. It will be interesting to see if it stays.

Emmy 7 months 2

Age: 7 months

Height: 26 1/2 inches

Weight: 16.8 lbs
Milestones: Crazy how much has changed in a month.  She can army crawl like a beast and crawl on her knees some of the time.  She can go from her tummy to sitting position and pull herself up on different objects.
Sleep:  She sleeps okay.  I would say from 6 months to 7 months we had some regression in sleeping.  She also got two teeth and a cold this last month so that might have played apart of her lack of sleep.  She will wake up for the day at 6 a.m. and scream until we bring her downstairs where she can crawl and play.  We have been trying to cut the 3/4 a.m. feeding out, but it is not going very well. This girl has got a set of lungs on her and boy can she scream.  There were also some nights where she would get up at midnight, 3, and 6.
Best Moment: When she tries to play house with Kenna.  Kenna has a little house and all of these little people, beds, stroller, high chair etc.  Emmy will crawl right over there and grab a person and try to shove it in the house.  It is quite funny.  After a couple of minutes she will take a break and chew on whatever toy she is playing with and then go back to trying to play.  It is so cute.
Girls playing
Worst Moment: She cut both her two bottom teeth and she was not a  happy camper.  She also got an eye infection 😦  For a week she just wanted to be held and wanted nothing to do with playing, crawling, or napping.  The only way she would nap was if she was laying on my chest. Poor sweetie.
Eating: Emmy still chews on everything.  Some of her favorite foods are chicken, nectarines, yogurt, yogurt melts, and puffs.  She will down those little puffs like they are nothing.  When I go to give her puffs, she shakes with excitement.  Emmy is also drinking formula. She drinks about 6 ounces at a time and can hold her bottle herself.  A lot of the time she actually prefers that she holds it herself.
Emmy Eating
Teeth: I guess our doctors prediction was wrong.  She cut her two bottom teeth this month and they are sharp little things.
Girls 2
Love these little girls!
Oh and here are the girls side by side at the same age!  Emmy is on the left and Kenna is on the right.
7 month picture

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