Running has been an up and down roller coaster since I have started running this summer.  For awhile I was consistently running 3 days a week and then one week I just quite running.  Don’t worry I have a list of excuses of why I quit running.  Here goes my list of excuses even though I know they don’t matter: Emmy grew two teeth and quit sleeping at night, then Emmy got a cold and quit sleeping at night, I was tired, I was frustrated in finding a good time to run, I felt like it was more work then fun.   Alright, so those are my excuses for not running.  Well this last week I just felt blah, I wasn’t happy. and I didn’t have a lot of energy.  I needed to change things up in my life. I needed to take better care of myself.  Here are some things I added into my life to help give me energy and feel better.

Exercise- So I started running again.  I have already ran twice this week and have a time set up to run today.  I feel a lot better when I get some type of exercise in. Sometimes I can’t always get a run in so I am looking for workout videos to do at home when the girls are napping?  Any suggestions?   I tried P90X with Travis and that is crazy.  So nothing that intense.  I also started a 30 day calendar workout. I found it on Pinterest. I like it because it slowly progresses.  I also convinced Travis to do it with me!

running 2

30 day fitness challenge

Hydrate- I found that I was drinking way too much coffee and not enough water.  It was amazing that once I started drinking more water I felt better. I think my body was a tad dehydrated.  I also cut down how much coffee I was drinking. I try to only drink 1 1/2 cups and I space it out throughout the day.

Sleep- Trav and I have a tendency to stay up late. I think since the evening is my only free time to do whatever I want, I end up staying up way too late.  So now I get in bed at 9:30 and try to be sleeping by 10.  So if either of the girls wake up in the middle of the night at least I am getting a little bit more sleep.

Eating- I got in the habit of eating more dessert.  Gosh dessert is sooo good.  I don’t mind eating dessert here and there, but I got in the habit of having it after every meal.  I not only wanted it after every meal I craved it.  This week I cut back on desserts and added more veggies. I bought a bunch of veggies to make good salads this week and also made homemade granola bars that taste just as yummy as dessert.  Instead of snacking on treats, I switched to clementines.  Those little oranges are so delicious. Kenna and I, are obsessed with them.

breakfast bars

Check out the awesome recipe HERE.  I did not have agave nectar so I substituted with honey.

I have only made these changes for a few days, but I already felt a little better. I know it will take more time to catch up on my sleep and get into a good running routine, but I feel optimistic.

What workout videos do you like?  Have you ever done a monthly challenge?


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