This is the first weekend all summer that we had zero plans.  SAY WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS?  I know, crazy.  We had nothing planned all weekend.  So we did nothing all weekend.  Travis worked on the flip house and the girls and I napped.  We did some yard work, played outside, and cleaned.  Since we did nothing exciting over here, I am going to fill you in on some must-have items I need to camp with a baby.  Camping with a baby can be insane, terrible, and crazy, but it also can be fun and memorable.

5 Must-Havesfor CampingWith a Baby

I have done some research and read a lot of blogs and from my personal experience I put together a list of must-haves for camping with a baby.


  1. Exersaucer- I seriously love our exersaucer.  It has lots of different toys for Emmy to play with and even has a place for her snacks.  Our exersaucer also collapses down so it is easy to travel with and doesn’t take up a lot of space. This is great for babies to play in and keep occupied when you need both of your hands.


This is the exersaucer we have. EvenFlo no longer make this version, but this exersaucer is similar.

2. Tarp-  A large tarp or piece of plastic to put down on the gravel.  This is nice to have when Emmy wants to get down to crawl and play.  I even bring a rug to put on top so that it is not super hard and lumpy.  It is not a big space, but at least her and Kenna can sit there and play with toys without getting covered in dirt.

BLue Tarp

3.  Bumbo with a tray-  The baby bumbo is great for feeding babies on the go.  I can put Emmy in the bumbo while we are eating and it is like a mini high chair.

Bumbo with Tray

4. Pack and Play-  This is what Emmy sleeps in and plays in while we are camping.  We bring the Pack and Play right in the camper/Tent and pop it up.  It is awesome because I can put Emmy down for nap and not have to worry about her rolling off the bed.  During the day I pull it out of the camper and put Emmy in it with a bunch of toys.  Kenna even climbed in it for a little bit to play with Emmy.

pack and play2

5.Food in Pouches- I love food in pouches for when we are traveling.  You can even get the pouches where a spoon attaches now. How awesome it that?  The pouches are super nice to have because they are easy to use, easy to travel with easy to clean up, and easy to store.

Baby food pouches

There are my 5 must-haves for camping with a baby.  What is something that makes camping easier for you with a baby?


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