Our life has been crazy busy lately and I suddenly couldn’t upload pictures to my blog.  No one likes to read a blog without pictures so it took me two days to get that figured out, but we are back in business.  We left last week to go camping up north with my family. Travis had to go home on Sunday because he started school on Monday.  The girls and I came home Monday just in time for my final night of volleyball.  Tuesday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking.  My sister is going back to college so we had my family over for a going away dinner. Then Wednesday we had Travis’s family over for dinner to celebrate his brother and his mom’s birthday.

Our camping trip was awesome. I love camping because it forces you to be outside. I also love pudgie pies, campfires, smores, lawn chairs, talking, and games.

camping 12Camping 2 Friday Travis and I, loaded up the girls and headed up north with my sister, dad, and step-mom for an extended weekend.  We set up the camper and headed into town for some food. Friday we were all really tired so we just hung out by the fire and talked.

Camping 1

Saturday we woke up and drove to Bayfield and Madeline Island.  Two of my favorite places. Bayfield is a cute little town right on lake Superior that has lots of great restaurants and nice little shops to browse through.  We ate lunch outside right next to Lake Superior.  After lunch, ice cream and coffee;) we hopped on the fairy and went across to Madeline Island.  Madeline Island has an amazing state park.  It is one of the best beaches I have been to in the United States. It has nice white sand, crystal clear water, and the water is shallow for along ways.  Shallow water is great for kids, you don’t have to worry about drop offs by where they are playing.  We swam in the brisk water and buried Trav and Kenna in the sand. Another great thing about the park is that it has amazing trails along the lake with giant rocks you can climb out on.  We went out to one rock, but didn’t hike very far because we were all tired and getting hungry.

Camping 11

camping 10
Kenna loves her Auntie Annie

camping 9

I could honestly spend a great deal of time out there and will have to go back some day when the kids are little bit older so we can explore more.

Camping 8

Camping 7

Camping 6

That night we made pizza pudgie pies and smores and played the newest addition of Cranium.  Cranium is a really well rounded game.  It has a little something for everyone: acting, singing, drawing, spelling, word puzzles, fact questions, and much more.   We played girls and against boys and we whooped up on the boys.  I always love to win!

Sunday was a rainy and cold day.  Rain, babies, toddlers, and camping don’t mix very well. Most people would think I am crazy for bringing a baby camping, but we have come up with a couple great tricks to make it fun.  I will write a post on that soon.  So we went into Hayward to check out a couple of the shops. Kenna picked out the cutest owl pj’s and Emmy got new warm pink cameo ones.  We stopped at the candy store and loaded up on some goodies and strolled through the rest of the stores.

After shopping we went back to the campsite and the girls napped and the adults played cranium again.  Monday it was still raining and cold so we hung out in the camper and played with the girls.  Kenna was our waitress and was writing down our orders.  She only had very few things in stock; pizza, mac and cheese, and pie to list a few from the small selection.  She just cracks me up these days.   And before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go home. Weekends go by so fast.

Camping 5

Camping 4

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and beginning of your week. What is your favorite part about camping?


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