I have been busy, busy, busy these last couple of days.  I took it upon myself to freeze sweet corn for the first time.  With a lot of time and corn everywhere I successfully froze 20 some bags of delicious sweet corn.  My family freezes sweet corn multiple ways, I took the easiest recipe and went to town.  I will go through and show you step by step on how to freeze sweet corn.  If you have never done it before don’t worry, it is super easy and is delicious.  I froze 20 bags of sweet corn all by myself with two little girls at home.  First rule of business the best way to freeze sweet corn would be with multiple people and in an assembly line fashion.   Well my helpers were not much help.  Emmy just sat there and chewed on the corn and Kenna just keeps asking, “Mama why are you doing that?”  In 5 years they will be able to help me a little better.  Here are seven easy steps to freeze sweet corn.

How to Freeze Sweet Corn!

Step One: Pick/purchase sweet corn- I am very fortunate and my dad’s farm grows sweet corn.  I picked two laundry baskets full.  Some people use a cooler to store the corn, but a laundry basket is easier for me to carry.   I picked the corn in ten minutes as the girls sat in the van and watched.   If you don’t have an accessible sweet corn field you can go to your local super market or farmers market to purchase sweet corn.




Step Two: Shuck the Corn- This takes a little time.  I loaded it up the corn stalks in our wagon and dumped the corn stalks in the field by our house. You can also use a garbage bag to dispose of the corn stalks.


Step Three:  Remove Corn Silk-Peel all of the little hairs off with dry hands.  I tried to speed up the process and peel them off while I was cutting the corn, but it just made my hands really sticky and the whole process frustrating.


Step Four:  Cut the corn off the cob-I took a couple of baking dishes and cut the corn right into the pan.


Step Five:  Cook the Corn- Take a frying pan or an electric skillet and turn it on medium heat.  Put 1/2 cup of water into the pan. Mix 4 to 5 teaspoons of sugar into the water.  Put 8 cups of corn into the pan.  Take 2 tablespoons of butter and stir into the corn mixture until completely melted.  Make a little pool in the middle for the water to show.  Once the water starts to boil remove the pan from stove.  This should only take a coupe of minutes.  Once the corn is cooked pour the corn back into the baking pan to cool. Repeat the process until all of the corn is cooked.


Step Six:  Cool the Corn-Let the corn cool completely. Stir the corn to cool faster.


Step Seven: Bag and Freeze the corn-  Scoop the cooled corn into quart size freezer bags.  Label the bags with a permanent marker before, you put the corn in.  I put 4 large spoonfuls in each bag.  You can put as much or as little corn in each bag as you desire.  Place freezer bags into the freezer and ta-da, you have just made your first batch of sweet corn.

IMG_0980 (2)

My next freezing adventure will be our raspberries from our garden.  It takes  a little time to freeze fruit and veggies, but it is so worth it in the middle of the winter when you can’t find anything fresh in the grocery store.

What is your favorite fruit or veggie to freeze?


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