This last weekend was Travis and I’s four year anniversary. I can’t believe how fast time goes by and how fast things change.  Within four years we have bought a house, had two babies, each changed jobs twice, started two new businesses on top of our other jobs, and it has only been 4 years! I wonder what will come in the next 4 years.  To celebrate our four year anniversary we did not do anything to crazy and exciting, but it was just nice to spend time along together.  We spent a whopping 2.5 hours by ourselves.  We first went mini golfing.  Travis and I like to keep things interesting so we always bet something.  I bet Travis that he would have to take me on a weekend getaway if I won and boom, I WON! Travis that lucky guy, the very next day won a weekend getaway at his golf scramble.  So within a day we had our weekend getaway planned and paid for! I told Travis that was God’s way of saying take your wife out. 😉

Anyways, after I kicked Trav’s butt in mini golf we went out to eat. After dinner we headed to the cabin to meet our girls and Trav’s parents.

Even though it was a short date, it was great and now we have a weekend away to look forward too.

Four years ago I can honestly say was the best day of my life.  Yes, having Kenna and Emmy were life changing, but labor is definitely not fun and doesn’t qualify for being the best day ever.

Our wedding was planned pre-Pinterest, and I still think it turned out awesome.  Even the day before our wedding was fantastic.  We had our rehearsal out at our church located 1 mile from our house.  After the church rehearsal we headed to our house and had a BBQ with checkered red table cloths, cowboy boots, wild flowers, bean bags, sweet corn, brat’s and cheese burgers.  I actually wanted to have a BBQ for our wedding dinner, but with 375 guest we weren’t able to pull it off.

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Wedding 9

Our wedding day went by in a whirlwind. I loved my hair, my make-up, dress, bridesmaids, and groom.  We got married out in the country at the church I grew up attending.  From the church we all hopped in a hay wagon pulled by a truck and headed to my dad’s farm to take more pictures.  After pictures we headed to a little country bar.  From the bar we took the wagon into the reception hall.  Our grand entrance was one to remember.   Each of the couples picked a dance and song to walk into.  Travis and I did “Jump On It”, for his love of the Badgers.  After I jumped on him half of the way, we turned the tables and he jumped on me and I carried him to our table!

Wedding 4

HellandWedding-472wedding 7


From there we had a great dinner and cookies for dessert. I am not a fan of cake so we switched it up.  For the garter toss every guy in the room came up to the dance floor and sang  “You’ve Lost that Love and Feelin” and they all dropped down to their knees. A moment I will never forget. We then went into a night of dancing and oh boy did we dance and everyone else in the reception hall as well. We had one heck of a DJ and the dance floor was hopping all night.  We danced everything from the “Chicken Dance” to the “Boot Scootin and Boogie” line dance in our cowboy boots.  The night flew by and I had a permanent smile on my face.  After everyone left and we cleaned up Travis and I headed to his apartment in the cities.  The next morning we were headed off on our honeymoon to Mexico.  On our way to his apartment we stopped at Taco Bell and had free Taco Bell in our Wedding dress and Tuxedo.  Honestly it was the best day of my life and couldn’t of been that way without the help of my awesome family.  Numerous times my parents, sisters, cousins, and friends all chipped in to help throughout the night.

Wedding 8


Wedding 5

Wedding 6


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