Nobody said it was  running, being a mom, a wife, sister, friend, an adult.  Back in college running was way easier. I had time set aside everyday to just go run. Now depending on when my husband comes home or if I can convince my two-year old to get in the stroller, running is a lot harder.  I am finally starting to feel better running physically, but mentally I do not have the commitment yet.  I ran three days last week and let me tell you all three days were a pain in the butt.

Monday:  Zero- Played sand volleyball

Tuesday:Zero- Too Tired

Wednesday: Zero- Oh no this week is not looking good

Thursday: 3 Miles- It literally took me 4 hours to finally get myself out the door and go running.  I was going to run with the girls earlier in the day, but Kenna did not want to get in the stroller, so I was going to wait until Travis got home. Travis got home late, and I was making dinner.  I contemplated not eating dinner and run right away or eat dinner and wait an hour or so.  I ended up eating because I was starving.  Once I eat I have to wait a good chunk of time unless I feel sick.  So I cleaned up, got the girls to bed, and read for a little bit.  Then it started raining- no lie. lol. and then I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t run today.  Finally, I just put on my shoes and went outside for a run and guess what?  It was great; even in the rain.   Only took me fours hours of thinking about running to get myself to run for 30 minutes.  Funny how that is.

Friday: Zero- we ended up having a change of plans and went to dinner with our friends.  That is one reason why I need to start running in the morning, if I wait for Trav to get home a lot of times plans change or he comes home late.

Saturday: 2 Miles- I woke up soooo crabby.  I sat and pouted on the couch because I was tired and our coffee pot was broken. We had a ton of things to do that day, and I didn’t want to get up let a lone go running.  Finally at 11 o’clock, I slipped on my running shoes and took off.  I only had a half hour max to stretch and run so I made my two miles worth it.  I pushed myself pretty hard and it felt good. My lungs burned, my legs hurt, and I was sweating up a storm and loved every second of it.  Most of the time when I go running I take it pretty slow, so it felt really good to push myself again.

Running 1
Country Running

Sunday: 2 Miles: Easy two miles

I realize I am not running a lot of miles yet or as many days of the week that I would like to, but I have to give it time.  I just can’t stop running. If I keep running I will eventually get a routine down and I can really get going. My goal is to run 5 days this week and a long run of 4 miles.  Hopefully I can average 3 miles on all of my runs.  Happy Running:)

What is one thing that helps get you out the door running?


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