We spent the last few days working and playing.  My husband flips houses in the summer and needed a little extra help painting before the carpet arrives on Monday; so I volunteered. Our good friend watched the girls on Thursday while I went to help Travis paint 8 till noon. We actually got quite a bit done. I painted the kitchen, the dinning room, bathroom, bedroom, and the stairway.

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When I got home we had lunch and the girls napped.  I snuggled with Emmy! One reason why I love staying at home is that I get to snuggle with my girls anytime I want.

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I also finished reading the book “The One”.  It is a great series my friend recommended on her blog.   It is a mix between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games, but there is not a lot of violence and it takes place in a castle!  It was a quick easy read and I really enjoyed it.  

Blog 5

Any other good book recommendations? I like funny, romance, or action books. I can’t read books that have a lot of killing or murders in them.  Ever since Kenna, I can’t read or watch anything that has killing or murders or I get anxiety and have nightmares.  I know, it sucks, I used to love Criminal Minds and CSI, but not anymore.  I like the lighthearted books with happy endings!

After naps we made delicious peanut butter protein bars.  I will post a recipe soon. They are so good and healthy for you too. I of course add extra chocolate to make it even better and less healthy.

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I also found a really cute Halloween costume at a garage sale for Kenna. She is going to be Pocahontas. I can’t wait.  Pocahontas was my sister and I’s favorite movie growing up. I can’t tell you how many times we watched it.  I actually just ordered it for Kenna off of Amazon so she will know who Pocahontas is before Halloween.  🙂  I also hope her hair starts to grow faster so I can put it in cute little braids.

Blog 6

Happy Friday! Enjoy the Weekend.


2 thoughts on “Working and Playing

  1. Hello Ayla, I’ve been reading Robyn Carr the thunder point series I’m waiting for book nine to come out.I love these books no violence or scary stories,just an idea for something new to read.


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