Alright, it is time for my running update for last week.  Let me tell you, I simply sucked at running last week.  I have lots of excuses, even though I know excuses don’t mean anything. Everybody always has an excuse, but people usually find a way to exercise if they are committed. I decided I am just not 100 percent committed yet, but I will get there.  Since I didn’t run a lot I will tell you about the time I got chased by a bear while running.  That is right, I got a chased by a bear on a run.

It was 5 years ago and I had just graduated from college and was living at home with my dad.  My dad is a farmer so our house was surrounded by cornfields.  It was mid fall and a beautiful evening for a run. I was just finishing up a five mile run and feeling great.  The corn fields were gold and the sun was setting behind the clouds making the whole sky a spectrum of red’s, orange’s and pink’s.  I had a half mile to go and looked at my surroundings and thought this was just amazing.  Then to make it even better two deer ran out of the field and ran into the ditch next to me.  They were running right next to me.   I felt like Pocahontas running with the animals.  Well soon that joy turned into fear.  The deer were just a tad faster than me 😉 and were about 400 yards in front of me when they ran on to the road and came to an erupt stop. I kept running toward them thinking that it was weird that they were just standing on the road not moving.  I was getting closer when a bear made its way on to the road.  I immediately stopped and froze.  The deer sprinted towards my house and I had no where to go, but back where I just ran from.  The closest house was 800 meters away. When the deer took off the bear ran into the ditch and started coming in my direction. Yes folks, it was running right at me.  I turned and started sprinting towards our neighbors house. When I took a second to see if the bear was still there it was in the ditch running toward my direction.  Alright, I am not sure if the bear was chasing me or just happen to be running in the same direction I was, but I wasn’t going to wait and find out. So I continued to sprint and finally made it to the corner and ran through the ditch, a small patch of bushes, and lastly through a couple of trees to get to my neighbor’s door. I wish I would have timed that 800 because I am pretty sure it was the fastest 800 I have ever ran in my entire life and I have run a lot of 800’s.

Well I finally made it to my neighbor’s door and rang the door bell four times. Finally an old lady opened the door and I was so out of breath I could barely tell her that there was a bear outside.  She was very confused, but let me in until I could breath and calm down. I then explained to her that there was a bear outside and that I couldn’t go back out there.  I ended up having to call me dad to come and pick me up because I was too scared to run home in the dark with the chance that I might meet the bear again.  Don’t forget I live in the country and there are also no street lights.  Well my dad was in the field so I had to wait for him to be done, before he could come pick me up.  I spent the next half hour visiting with our neighbor lady who I am pretty sure thought I was completely nuts.  So there you have it, that is the day I was chased by bear. Since that run I get nervous to run a long ways when there are no houses around.  People always tell me that bears are more afraid of you than you are of them.  I am not sure I am willing to hang out with a bear to see if that fact is true.

Farm 1
A lot of miles where run out here in this beautiful country side.  

My workouts for last week:

Monday: Zero- First mistake of the week!

Tuesday: 3 miles with the girls in the double stroller. Neither of them cried! YAY.

Wednesday: 2 terrible miles- I ran after I ate dinner, which I know better not to do and I paid for it every second.  I almost had to stop and walk because I had such bad cramping under my rib cage.

Thursday: Zero

Friday: Zero

Saturday: 2 Miles- I was up at the cabin and was scared to run any further  by myself.

Sunday: Zero

Running Buddies

I know a terrible week of running! I can only go up from here.  What is the scariest thing you have seen while running?


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