This weekend we went up to Trav’s parents cabin Thursday through Sunday and it was amazing.  We invited some of our friends up as well. Travis and I left after he was done with on work on Thursday.  The cabin is a great distance away.  It takes  1.5 hours to get there.  Not too long of a drive, but far enough so we feel like we are getting away.   Once the girls were tucked in I hung outside by the water reading a new book until our friends arrived.  Once they arrived Trav set up a bad mitten net. We thought he was being silly and that we wouldn’t play it. Little did we know, it was sooo much fun.  The last time I played bad mitten was in high school.  We had a couple friendly games and then it got too dark.  From there we just all talked and played pool until bed time. A great start to a fantastic weekend.

Lake 6
Packing is so much work!
Lake 5
Not sure what we will do when we have more kids! #Full

The next day I got up and went running. Trav’s parents cabin is way out in the woods and I get nervous running out there by myself so I only went two miles. I am always nervous that I will run into a bear and I will be bear meat.  I know bears don’t eat people, but one time I was chased by a bear, for real.  Or at least the bear was running in the same direction I was running.  I will save that story for another day.  From that experience, I get really nervous when I am alone out in the country and there are not a lot of houses.

Once I got back to the house we made breakfast (ham, egg, cheese sandwiches) my go to breakfast item.  I seriously could eat these sandwiches everyday.  The trick is to put jelly on the English muffin. I know, eggs and jelly sounds terrible, but it is really good.  You have to try it.  I have been looking for a good spicy jelly if you know of any.  After breakfast we fished with the kids.  Kenna caught her first fish by herself.  She hooked it and reeled it in.  We then played some intense rounds of bad mitten and the girl’s team lost so we had to jump in the lake, which really wasn’t that bad because it was really hot out.  After our intense bad mitten games the kids woke up from their naps and we all went swimming and hung out in the water.  Later that day we had more friends arrive and played some more bad mitten and bean bags. Once the kids were in bed we played some card games and I laughed so hard I almost cried. Such good Times.

lake 2

Lake 4

Saturday we had another couple arrive and packed up the pontoon and headed to the sand bar. There were about 15 other boats parked out there.  It is such a great spot because the kids can run around with their floaties.  We had lunch out there and a few drinks.  Once we got back to the cabin the kids went down for naps and we played a lot of bean bags.  It was great practice for our friends bean bag tourney next weekend!  We grilled some more great food and played the game Loaded Questions and ate a lot of buffalo dip. Have you had buffalo chicken dip. OMG. I am obsessed. I will have to ask my friend if I can share her recipe!  I could eat it with just a spoon, no chips necessary.

Sunday we packed up early and headed out to Trav’s grandpa’s 90th birthday party.  It is amazing his grandpa is 90.

Finally at the end of a long wonderful weekend we came home to our sidewalks and patios completely covered in chicken poop and I was done!  I called my sister and told her to come get the chickens.  2 hours later and our chickens were gone and I couldn’t be happier. We can now use our patio, color with chalk on the sidewalks, and leave our garage door open! YAY

It was such a great weekend and we are so blessed with so many great friends and family.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Lake 1


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