Stress, stress, stress. Do any of you ever get stressed?  I do. This last May had to be one of the most stressful times of my life.   My husband got a new head coaching position, we just had a baby, I was back to work full-time, I was trying to do laundry, clean the house, make dinner, grade papers, create lesson plans, put stuff on teachscape, and potty train a two-year old.  I seriously felt like I was running around with my head cut off.  We survived, because that’s just what we do.  We make it through and are thankful for all of the little blessings along the way.  So how did I make it?  Here are a couple of things that help me relax.

1.  Exercise -No matter what kind of exercise, it is important to try to get out there and release some endorphins.  Once I start to sweat I instantly feel a little better.

2.  Read a good book -I know it sounds silly, but sometimes it is nice to just get lost in a good book. You can put all your worries away and escape into a new world.

Great Book

3. Get yourself a special treat- It is important to take a little time for yourself.  If that is a pedicure, massage, manicure, getting your nails done, or whatever it may be, take the time to do it.  My special treat is Caribou Coffee.  A little extra caffeine goes a long way, especially when it is delicious coffee.  Once I get Caribou Coffee my day just gets better.

Annie and kenna 4
Love Girl Time

4.  Mow the lawn-  I love to the mow the lawn.  A lot of people probably think I am crazy, but I love to mow the lawn.  I just hop on the riding lawn mower and put on some music and cruise.  I love being outside and when I mow I see instant gratification.  The lawn looks better by the second.

Ayla Mowing

5.  Take a bath- It is actually proven that baths can reduce stress.  After I had my second baby the doctor recommended that I take a bath once a week to help relieve stress and relax.  I put a little Epsom salt in my bath with some essential oils and just soak all my worries away.

Epsom Salt

Those are my top 5 ways I relax and relieve stress. What are some ways that you relieve stress?


One thought on “5 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

  1. I love to mow, too. I agree, it’s that instant gratification of seeing the lawn look so nice. No phone, no one to talk to-it’s great!


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