Another busy weekend in the books. On Friday, we drove up to Trav’s parents cabin. I love it up there. It is so peaceful and a great place to relax.  We decided it is so nice to get away because when you are home there is always something to do. If I am at home I could be doing laundry, cleaning, sweeping, picking up toys, vacuuming, I mean there is literally always something to do.  When you go somewhere else you just get to kick back and relax. We obviously still clean up after ourselves up there, but it is easier and usually group effort.   Friday we relaxed and just watched a movie, Just Go With It.

 Just go with it

Which is a hilarious movie. If you have never seen it, put it on a list of movies to watch.  When it comes to movie I like funny movies, action movies, and of course romantic ones. I also like happy endings and do not like to watch the same movie multiple times. It has to be a really good movie or a really funny movie for me to watch it more than once. Just Go With It, is cheesy, but I would watch it a couple of times.

trav and kenna Kenna summer 2

Saturday we got up and Kenna wanted to swim right away. It was a beautiful day at the lake and the cabin’s shore line is nice and shallow so Kenna can run around and play.  She is becoming quite the little fish and it is almost impossible to get her out of the water.  Travis and I, were able to sneak out for a little run.  I will give up an update on last weeks running tomorrow. It was nice to run in the morning it was a lot cooler and easier to breathe.  After we got back I showered and got read for the wedding. Travis and I, had a friend’s wedding in Duluth that Saturday. The girls stayed with the grandparents so that Travis and I could get away. We hadn’t been out and about alone since my birthday in April. So it was very nice to spend some time with the hubby.

Ayla and Trav

Ayla and trav 2

The wedding was beautiful.  I love weddings, they are such a happy time for everyone.  I love to see all the dresses, flowers, and pretty up-dos.   I also love to dance.  So we were able to get our groove on have a couple way too many drinks. Afterwards we stayed at Trav’s cousins place in Duluth. It was great to see her and her boyfriend. We only get to see them once a year so it was nice to catch up with them during the summer and not only at Christmas.

The next morning we packed up and headed back to the cabin. It is funny to not have the girls with me. I am with them all the time and get used to helping them with everything. Once when I got out of the van I went to the side door like I do to help Kenna out when I chuckled to myself because they were not with us. Even though we were only gone for a day I missed them like crazy.  When we got back to the cabin Kenna was swimming.  So I don’t think she missed us too much.

Kenna summer
Missed this girl

Another great weekend with friends and family. What is your favorite part of a wedding?


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