I can’t believe that Emmy is already 6 months old.  It is crazy how fast time goes by, I can remember her labor like it was just yesterday.   Maybe because labor is so painful and terrible.  Travis and I, always wanted to have several kids.  We wanted our kids to have siblings like we did. When we got pregnant with Emmy, I was so excited, but then scared as well.  I had a lot of mixed emotions about how I was going to be able to love another child as much as I love Kenna.    Then I had Emmy and fell in love with her from the moment I saw her. Looking back I think it is funny that I ever worried about not having enough love.  Emmy and Kenna are so different that I love all the different things about them.  It is amazing how only after 6 months Emmy just fits right into our family like she has been here the whole time.  Emmy is so loving and smiley.  She seems more sensitive than Kenna and loves when people interact with her. She adores attention and we adore her!


Age: 6 months
Height: 27 1/4 inches long- She is in the 66th percentile. She doesn’t seem long too me.  I predict she will be average height for a female. lol.
Weight: 16 lbs 4 ounces 53 percentile.  She seems a lot more chunky than Kenna was. She has so many rolls and such chubby cheeks. We love it.
Head: 42.3 cm- 53rd percentile.
Milestones: Emmy has just started to pull herself across the carpet.  She can also roll all around. I am guessing she will start to crawl sooner than later.  She does a lot of baby planks and can get her knees up, she just can’t figure out how to move her arms in coordination with her legs.  She can also sit up now like a champ.
Sleep:  She sleeps pretty good.  We have been just starting to sleep train her and it is so HARD.  I will do a post more on that later.  Right now she goes to bed at 7:30/8:00 p.m. and wakes up at 3 or 4 a.m.  She will eat and then go back to sleep until 6 ish.  We have been working on taking the 3/4 am feeding out. The doctor say that she no longer needs to be eating in the middle of the night.  So this is were sleeping training begins. We are trying to let her cry for about 10 minutes when she wakes up and then go and check on her and comfort her.  Then we hope she goes back to bed. One time she ended up crying for an hour and I finally caved and went and got her.  Then last night she went to sleep after ten minutes and work up at 5.  5 am I can do.
Best Moment: When she watches Kenna and giggles. I love to see them interact.  Emmy loves Kenna so much already. I can’t wait for them to be able to play together.
Worst Moment: Sleep training. I have  a really hard time listening to her cry.  Even if it is only for 3 minutes it seems like it is 15 minutes.
Health: She is growing great and is a happy, healthy baby!
Eating: Emmy likes to chew on everything.  We have just started to switch her to solid foods.  She loves sweet potatoes, avocados, nectarines, and blueberries.  She LOVES freezy pops. I mean who doesn’t right? 😉 Whenever we are eating freezy pops she shakes with excitement until we let her suck on them for a little bit. We haven’t given her to many solid foods that she has not liked besides bananas. She absolutely hates bananas.   Emmy is also drinking formula. She drinks about 6 ounces at a time and can almost hold her bottle herself.
Teeth: No teeth yet.  Kenna did not get teeth until she was 8 months old. Our doctor said that would probably around the same time Emmy got her teeth. Interesting that they would get teeth at the same ages.
Emmy 6 months Emmy 6 months 3 Emmy 6 months 2


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