First, I want to thank everyone for the encouraging word about starting to run again. It really helps motivate me and get my butt out the door! 🙂

Today we had a busy day at home.  We did laundry, cleaned Kenna’s room, played with play-duh, played house, and made BABY FOOD. I will share with you how quick and easy it is to make baby food with just basic supplies from your house.  You will need some type of blender, (I use a food processor), freezer baggies, food, and ice-cube trays.

Once Kenna was 5.5 months old, I had to stop breastfeeding for medical reasons and wanted to start Kenna on solid foods.   My breast milk stash was dwindling quickly.  It is amazing how long it takes to fill your freezer with breast milk and you look in the freezer and feel like your stock will last you a couple of months, lo and behold it only last you a couple of weeks.  With our breast milk supply almost gone I had to get on the ball to figure out what foods I was going to feed Kenna.  I started to research what solid foods babies could eat first and different ways one could introduce solid foods.  After researching we ended up doing a mixed approach of baby fed weaning and home-made puree baby food.   A lot of people think I must be crazy to make my own baby food, but I promise you it is not that hard.  It is also way cheaper than buying baby food and can be a lot healthier.

So round two with Emmy, we are to the point where she wants to eat anything and everything we are eating so I told myself today is the day we are going to make baby food.  First a couple of things to think about, what foods do I want to introduce first, which foods are the easiest to prepare, what foods will she like best.

I like to start with sweet potatoes, peas, avocados, blueberries, nectarines, and prunes.  All of these foods are packed with lots of nutrients and Kenna loved them.  I don’t puree all of these.  With nectarines I just peel off the skin and let her gum it.  She LOVES nectarines.  I like to puree sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes and prunes mixed, peas, and avocados and store them in the freezer.  So now to get how to make baby food in a couple easy steps.

Step One: Peel the sweet potatoes. ( I did small 5 ones and was able to fill two ice-cube trays)  Emmy Food 7

Step Two: Chop the sweet potatoes into small cubes.

Emmy FOod 6

Step Three: Boil sweet potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes or until mushy.

Emmy Food 5

Step Four: Drain sweet potatoes and put them into food processor. (You can also use a magic bullet, blender, nutri-bullet, or blending machine of your choice.) Mix until well blended.  Feel free to add water, breast milk, or  milk to get a better consistency.  I just add the water left over from boiling the potatoes.  If you want to make a blend now is the time to add other ingredients.  For one batch I just used sweet potatoes.  For the second bath I did sweet potatoes and then added prunes.  The prunes and sweet potato mixture is really good. The prunes also help with digestion.

Emmy Food 2

Step Five: Spoon mixture into ice-cube trays. It is okay if it looks messy. It is just baby food and your baby won’t care.  🙂

Emmy Food 9

Step Six: Place in the freezer for a couple of hours.  Label freezer bags with your items and the date.

Emmy Food 3

Step Seven: Take ice-cube trays out of freezer and pop your baby food out and place in the freezer bag.  TADA, you have just made baby food. You can store the baby food in the freezer for a couple of months and just take one cube out and defrost when it is time to eat.

Emmy Food 8

For other fruit and veggies you can either bake, steam, or boil the food before you puree them.  When I freeze my avocados I do not cook them I just pit them and throw them in the food processor and put them in ice-cube trays.

Emmy Food

Kid tested and mother approved (By Emmy and me) 😉 What is your baby’s favorite food?

We also did all of our chores today in our pajamas and I think we just might stay in our pajamas for the rest of the day!


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