We had yet another busy weekend. Our summer weekends are crazy.  On Friday, Travis took a half a day and we went with my family to the county fair.  I love the county fair and have so many good memories of fair days.

In fact that is where I met Travis 11 years ago.  In high school I was in 4-H and I used to show dairy cows.  My cousins, my sister, and I would all camp at the fair for the whole weekend.  It was the highlight of our summer. The summer before my senior year I was hanging out in the barn with one of my friends.  My friend kept telling me all about this new kid, Travis, who had moved into town.  He said he was so much fun and really funny. Well, in walked Travis with a backwards visor, a white t-shirt, jean shorts, and a huge grin.  Right away I liked him.  Done deal. The rest was history.  We started dating about 4 months later and then married 7 years later.

Along with meeting my future husband at the fair I have lots of other good memories about the fair: my cousins, friends, mud volleyball, church, ice cream, carnival games, card games, barn duty, blue ribbons, pink ribbons :(,wild calves, and great food. Some of my best  childhood memories come from the fair and I can’t wait until our girls can join 4-h.

Emmy FairKenna Fair 3Kenna Fair 2Kenna fair 4Kenna Fair 5On Saturday, we rand errands and then went to our friends pool for the afternoon. It was amazing.  Travis and I decided we wanted to get a pool.  Will we ever get a pool, probably not!  One can dream, right.  Then we headed to our aunt and uncles 25th wedding anniversary.  We got to the point where we were all hot and tired and headed home.  I got the girls in bed and then mowed the lawn.  Isn’t that what everyone does on Saturday night;)?  I actually really enjoy mowing the lawn.  It was so nice outside.   I just put on country music and cruise.

Summer nights 3

Summer nights 6

Finally, on Sunday we celebrated my Husband’s birthday.  We woke up and went to church.  We haven’t been to church in awhile because our weekends have been so crazy busy, but we defiantly need to go more.  After church we all felt great.  Trav and I, went golfing with some of our friends and then went back to their house for a grill out.  It was an amazing day celebrating this guy’s 29th birthday.

Trav bday


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