I have a love hate relationship with our chickens.  I am not a pet person.  I grew up with way too many pets and it kind of turned me away from wanting to get a pet for our home.  BUT we did end up getting a couple of pets.  We bought 7 chickens.  Yup, who would of guessed our only pets would be chickens.

The chickens

We live out in the country with grassy fields surrounding 3 out of the 4 sides of our lot.  I love the grassy lots, they are beautiful and we get to see a  lot of deer, fox, pheasants, turkeys, and WOOD TICKS. When we first moved here the wood ticks were so thick we could see them crawling on the house. Gross, I know.  So we had to do something about it.  We did research and discovered that guinea hens and chickens eat wood ticks.  Guinea hens actually do a better job, but guinea hens make a really annoying noise and our weird looking.  You can YouTube guinea hens and you will see what I am talking about. So that left us with one choice, chickens.

So for the last three years every spring we get 6 to 7 chickens. My handy dandy husband, built us a nice chicken coop for the corner of our yard.  Since we have had our chickens it has cut down dramatically on our wood ticks. I haven’t found one on me this summer. Alleluia.  That is my love part of my relationship with the chickens.  They do a fantastic job of eating all of the bugs and wood ticks in our yard.

chicken coop

Here comes the hate part of the relationship, they poop all over everything.  My husband poured us a huge beautiful patio last fall which we use every day, but the chickens also use it every day.  They poop all over it, so I end up having to hose it off all the time.   The chickens also poop on our sidewalks.  I have to sweep and clean our sidewalks whenever Kenna and I want to do sidewalk chalk.  Second draw back of the chickens, they are becoming mighty friendly.  One night we had dinner outside and I was carrying food in and left our patio door open, and guess what wondered into the house, a chicken. Just walked right in.  I have also left the van doors open while carrying stuff in and and a chicken jumped in the van. Score:Chicken 3 points vs Ayla 1 point 😦

chicken in the van

Even though the chickens have more negatives than positives, there one positive of eating wood ticks is enough for us to keep them around. I just have to remember to keep the house and van doors closed and find a way to keep them off the patio. We have been trying to come up with different ways to keep the chickens off.  We have tried spraying them with the hose, Kenna screaming at them and chasing them off, and Travis using an old air soft gun to scare them.  The chickens actually tried to eat the pelts from the air soft gun, so that didn’t work either.  If you have any suggestions please share.   🙂

What is the strangest pet you have owned? Any tips on how to train chicken?


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