Now that I am home for the summer, I have to/get to make lunch everyday.  It is great because I get to pick whatever I want, but it also sucks because I run out of ideas of what to make. I also have to clean up and do the dishes.  Did I ever tell you, I HATE doing dishes.  When I was teaching, I ate hot lunch everyday.  It was nice to have everything there and ready for you, granted it wasn’t always what I wanted or the best tasting, but I didn’t have to cook or clean up;).

Right now I am on a salad kick. Which is odd, because I am not a salad lover.  My friend introduced me to this salad dressing and I love it.  The thing is I hate onions, but love this dressing. Since I love the dressing so much, I now want to eat a salad every day.  With my salads I have also figured out the more stuff I add to them the more I like them. So, I throw in it whatever we have.  Today, I added sweet little peppers, cherry tomatoes, sun flower seeds, southwest tortilla strips, cucumbers, left over pork chops, and cheese.  Everything is better with a little cheese. As you can see I put my salad in a Tupperware bowl. I love to eat salad out of Tupperware bowls so that I can put the dressing on and then cover it and shake it up.  It is a great way to get the dressing evenly distributed.  You should try it.

Lunch 2 Lunch 3

I also munched on some grapes with Kenna. Toddler lunch is a little different. As much as I would love for Kenna to want to eat a salad, she does not like lettuce. I can’t complain too much because she loves peas and corn and will request it some nights for dinner or even for a snack.  For Kenna’s lunch I always try to do a protein, a fruit, and a vegetable. Today she ate pork chops, grapes, cucumbers, and ketchup. Let me tell you, we eat ketchup on everything. Every meat and potato taste better with ketchup. My whole family loves condiments.  Sometimes we have more condiments in our fridge than food.

Lunch 4

Then to top it off I always have to have a little dessert.  I have the worst sweet tooth and could eat sweets all day. Chocolates, cookies, bars, you name and I like it.  Since I know dark chocolate is good for you I try to stick to that.  When I eat dark chocolate I also eat less chocolate.  My two favorite kinds are dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt caramel dark chocolate.  You really can’t go wrong.


What are you favorite go to easy lunches? What are your toddlers favorite lunches?


2 thoughts on “What’s for Lunch?

  1. Ayla, your blog is fabulous! When I was doing daycare I use to make SUPER big dinners so I’d have enough leftovers for lunch, that way I only had to do “meal prep” dishes once a day. I HATE dishes too! Where did you find that Salad dressing it looks nummy! – Tricia


  2. Thanks Tricia. That is great advice. Leftovers are always yummy. I got the salad dressing at Cub Foods. I don’t go there often, but I was in the area of one so I ran over there and bought a bunch of bottles!


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