This last weekend was ridiculously crazy busy.  First, I decided to help my mom with a garage sale.  Holy smokes garage sales are a lot of work.  I spent Thursday, all day Friday, and Saturday until 1 running the garage sale.  It was nice to get rid of some of our stuff, but I am not sure it was worth the effort. Lol.  I was hoping to make a little extra money to help pay for a new swing set for the girls.  Since we live out in the country we do not travel to the playground often. As of right now, I do not know if I will ever have another garage sale again, unless I ended making big bucks with this last one. 😉  After a lot of long hot hours working the garage sale we treated ourselves to a little Dairy Queen.

Who doesn’t love sprinkles

Other exciting news we are finishing our basement. It will eventually be our master bedroom with a master bathroom and a walk in closet.  We are only finishing the bedroom part for now. We just work on it when we can.  I shouldn’t say we, I should say my husband.  I don’t help much besides pick out colors.  The room will become a playroom until we have more children and then we will move down there and the kids will fill the three rooms upstairs.  My husband and brother-in- law worked on the basement all weekend and almost finished it up.  It is so close to being done that I even got to go pick out the carpet today.  I will post pictures when it is done.  Kenna even got to help daddy patch up some other holes around the house.  Always such a great helper.

Kenna and Travis

On to all of our other festivities this weekend: Friday, I had my ten year high school reunion.  I honestly can’t believe it has been ten years.  Time really does fly by.  I feel like each year goes faster than the last.  Our classroom reunion was really nice, it was great to visit with friends from high school and also become closer to people who I wasn’t super close with in high school.  Cheers to new friends!

On Saturday, we got to celebrate our friend’s sons first birthday.  Kenna absolutely loves parties for one reason only- CAKE.  She had a blast and loved hanging out with the other little kids and of course eating cake.


Sunday, I finally had the chance to clean up the house which looked like a tornado had ripped through it.  The weather has also been pretty warm here in Wisconsin so my dad and step-mom put up a little pool for Kenna.   I actually enjoy warm weather.  Wisconsin has way too many cold days, so I will take all the hot days I can get.  Kenna played in her pool while we grilled for my dad’s birthday. After a long weekend it was really nice to just enjoy the quietness of the country.  Folks, I am telling you, there is just something about living in the country.  We finally ended the weekend with my favorite movie, Pitch Perfect.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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