34 Weeks 
35 Weeks 

Alright folks, sorry I have been mia these last couple weeks. School was kicking my butt. I was trying to get things ready for Christmas for my family and for my kids at school. I was also trying to get a ton of assessing and grading done, to get my new groups started in January for whenever my long term sub comes, but I am finally on break now:) YAY. Last week, we had 6 Christmas’s and they were all wonderful.  Having a child makes Christmas 100 times more fun. Kenna loves the lights, the tree, decorating cookies, eating cookies, opening presents, wrapping presents, playing with bows, and getting new toys of course. lol. She honestly makes Christmas so much fun. 

We have been crazy busy, after the Helland Christmas on Friday, we drove down to Milwaukee to see Travis’s brother, his wife, and their brand new baby.  Logan, was born on Monday, December 22nd.  This is Kenna’s first cousin on Trav’s side.  This is also her 6th boy cousin overall.  She is a little outnumbered.  We had a lot of fun in Milwaukee holding the baby, playing games, and enjoying family time. Oh and we watched frozen a couple times.  Kenna got it for Christmas and it’s her new favorite movie! I love to listen to her sing. LET IT GO, LET IT GO, NO MORE!  lol. That is about all I can make out when she is singing, but it is pretty dang cute. We finally made it home last night at 11 p.m. 

Today we did nothing. We stayed inside all day and cleaned and napped and got the baby room ready.  I went through all the clothes and sorted out the new born clothes.  So we are pretty much ready to go! CRAZY.  

As for baby, things are looking great.  I had an ultrasound on Tuesday and the Ultrasound tech said that the baby was measuring a week a head.  So the baby is measuring big! YAY. That is great.  Kenna was a tiny little thing.  The tech also said that the head was down and the baby was in the right position. I also got my blood drawn again and am still waiting on the results.  It usually takes a week to get them and with Christmas I still haven’t heard anything.  I am guessing they will be good. My hands have been itching more and usually only at night, but nothing unbearable.  As of right now, my doctor says we can just keep everything normal until my results come back high/if they come back high.  Either way we are ready!     

How far along?  35 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 20 Pounds     
Maternity clothes? Yes. Things are starting to shrink on me.  
Stretch Marks? I haven’t spotted any, but I can’t believe my belly can keep stretching like it is without getting any.  
Best Moment: Christmas:) Another ultrasound! Baby is head down! 
Miss Anything: Sleeping through the night, working out, not being tired, drinking as much caffeine as I please 
Movement: Yes, a lot at night.  
Food cravings:  Cereal always sounds good and taste good, Peanutbutter and honey toast, and any fruit.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week    
Have you started to show yet? Oh ya, officially bigger now than when I gave birth to Kenna.                 
Labor Signs: Nothing 
Belly button in or out? POPPED      
Gender: I thought a boy, until the ultrasound last Tuesday.  The baby kind of looked like a girl. I didn’t see anything to tell me for sure boy or girl, but it kind of looked like a girl.   Wedding ring on or off? Still on.    
Happy or Moody most of the time: MOODY, woke up on the wrong side of the bed today Looking forward to:
A week of nothing.  So happy I have this week off from school.  After six Christmas’s last week and traveling to Milwaukee last weekend, I am ready to relax.  Looking forward to being full term.  Nothing else exciting happening in January besides hopefully having a baby;)


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