31 weeks 

Kenna had to pose as well- lol- she cracks me up! 

It has been awhile. School has been crazy busy and Trav has been hunting, so I haven’t had much time to take baby bump pictures or get on here to blog. I also have been really tired and not wanting to do anything when I get home from school. Things have been great. Black Friday shopping was great, I got lots of fun things for Kenna for her birthday and Christmas. We are celebrating Kenna’s birthday next weekend.  I am excited for her to get some new toys and be able to open presents.  We do not buy her a lot of toys during the year, so she will be pretty excited!:) Kenna is at such a fun age right now, it makes the holidays so much more fun. I cant wait to decorate the tree with her and make Christmas cookies.  

As for pregnancy, things have been great. I am reallllly tired and don’t move when I get home from school. Taking care of 25, 8 year olds is really starting to wear me out by the end of the day.  I have officially started going to the doctors once every two weeks. My blood results came back normal as well as my ultrasound!  YAHOO.  So I do not have to go in every week for stress tests and extra ultrasounds.  My hands have also not been itching as much. Maybe this little girl or guy will stay camped out in my belly until his/her due date.  I also passed my 3 hour glucose test with flying colors. I am so thankful this time, I did not get sick.  I am very thankful for how well things have been going.  Only 9 more weeks until we meet our second little peanut. 🙂 Where does the time go.     

How far along?  31 Weeks 

Total weight gain/loss: 18 Pounds- could be more my scale broke- lol.  
Maternity clothes? Yes- and sweats and t-shirts  
Stretch Marks?  Nothing so far! 
Best Moment: Spending time with Kenna over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Even though it was super busy, we had so much fun!  
Miss Anything:Not being tired. Everything I do, I am tired:( 
Movement: Yes,still more on the right side   
Food cravings:  The other day I saw chicken wings on tv and thought they looked delicious. I don’t even like chicken wings. lol. Salty food just sounded and looked really good! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes, all the really good food at Thanksgiving. I cant eat a lot of cream or milk products and the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole made me sick.  
Symptoms: Tired, heartburn, swelling, and back aches 
Have you started to show yet? Yes- quite a bit more than with Kenna 
Labor Signs: Nope- Not even braxton hicks 
Belly button in or out? The top has popped pretty good, I don’t know if the bottom will pop. I got my gull bladder removed when I was in college and I have a scar on the bottom of my belly button, so I don’t know if that will affect it or not.  
Gender:  My guess is still a boy- but will not be surprised if it is a girl.  
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Emotional 
Looking forward to: Christmas break, Christmas, time with  my family, celebrating the Christmas season with my kids at school (God please grant me patience, they are like squirrels at this time), making Christmas cookies with Kenna. Lots of fun things planned with our friends this month, get our Christmas tree, and so much more:)  

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