My love bug 

We were finally home this weekend. This is the first time we have been home in almost two months.  It was very nice, to hang out and clean and relax.   We were still got a lot done. Kenna and I, went shopping for a bunch of back to school stuff.  Mostly we stocked up on a bunch of groceries and diapers. I also worked in my classroom for a little bit. Still a long ways to go. 

This week is going to be crazy busy.  School officially starts tomorrow for teachers. OMG where did summer go:(  I am so sad it is time to go back to school. I am going to miss my little girl soo much.  Kenna and I have become best friends over the summer.  We do everything together.  The water gates will be opened when I drop her off at our new daycare. Kenna is honestly the sweetest little girl. She has such a strong personality, but also is so nice and kind. One day she will give me trouble, but right now I cant get enough of her:)   I will miss her very much.  I guess that’s life of working mamas.  

We also got a new patio— WOOT WOOT- it is soo awesome.  I will post pictures when it is officially done. I took a before picture- you wont believe how different it looks.  We still have to wait a couple days before we can wash it off and are still working on getting a patio set.   

Overall, it was a great weekend- On Friday, the boys finished up the patio and we hung out at home.   On Saturday, we ran some errands and went to our friends bean bag tourney. It was so much fun. I cant wait for next year.   Then today, we had a great day. We stayed home and snuggled on the couch and watched cartoons and even church on tv.  It was so nice not to have to get up and get ready.  Then all of my sisters and their kids came over to have dinner for my sister who is leaving for college.  We ate lots yummy food and played outside in the sandbox and sprinkler:)  It was a fantastic weekend. The rest of the night will be spent doing school work and putting away laundry. LET THE FUN BEGIN.   

How far along?  17 weeks- Almost on time:)  

Total weight gain/loss: up 5 lbs-    
Maternity clothes? Just ordered a couple things online- Last time I was pregnant I barely bought any maternity clothes. This time around, I am buying a couple more. Misewell be cute and comfortable.  
Stretch Marks? I haven’t spotted anything yet.
Best Moment: Spending a relaxing weekend with my friends and family and we got a patio:) YAY   
Miss Anything:  Energy- still pretty tired  
Movement: Not much lately 
Food cravings:  My friend made a buffalo chicken chip dip and it was to die for. I could of ate it with a spoon. It was so delicious.  
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing this week. 
Symptoms: Itchy hands:( burning hands-weird, bloating (the usual)  
Have you started to show yet? More every week     
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly button in or out? in  
Gender: Still boy for now. My friend found out she is having her second girl and Travis’s friend found out they are having a second girl.  All of our kids were born right around the same time. We will see if we follow the trend.    
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: emotional roller coaster- lol Moody and happy  
Looking forward to:  Fall 

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