Holy Emotional- I am not a big crier, but I feel like I cry and get emotional more frequently. When I was pregnant with Kenna I rarely cried.  I also feel like I worry a lot when I am pregnant. I dont even worry about anything specific, but just worry about everyone lol. I am telling you sometimes being pregnant and having crazy hormones is not fun.  I also have been having weird dreams where I wake up in a panic. It happened three times this week!  All three have been about me losing Kenna and I wake up in a panic looking for her. I even jump out of bed. Then I come too and fall back asleep- CRAZY- Otherwise things are good. My best friend got married last weekend and we had soo much fun. Kenna stayed with the grandparents so Travis and I could enjoy all the wedding festivities. This week flew by. We had a play date with our friends, went and worked in the classroom, went shopping for Kenna’s big girl bedroom. We had so much fun shopping, Kenna is so expressive and always so excited.  I will show you her room when we are finished. We are still working on painting.  This is the 3rd time we have painted this room since we have moved here lol. I am a little indecisive.    

How far along?  16 weeks- Tomorrow I am 17 weeks- lol I am little behind this time around.  

Total weight gain/loss: up 5 lbs- I seem to be gaining a pound a week.    
Maternity clothes? Getting close to whipping them. Clothes just do not feel comfortable at all.  
Stretch Marks? I haven’t spotted anything yet.
Best Moment: My best friends wedding- She was beautiful:)  It was just a cute country wedding- I loved it. I love the country theme. It was so nice spending the weekend with her and her family and friends.  
Miss Anything:  Sleep and energy- woke up 5 times last night- 3 times to go to the bathroom- once because of a dream- and once because of the rain.  
Movement: Not much recently 
Food cravings:  guacamole- yummy-  
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Felt pretty good this week.  
Have you started to show yet? It is so weird. I get think first- like my clothes dont fit, but I dont really have a cute little baby bump lol.             
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly button in or out? in  
Gender: Still boy for now. sometimes girl, because everyone tells me girl       
Wedding ring on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Irritable- Lol I am kind of crabby  
Looking forward to:  A restful weekend- Maybe getting a patio on Saturday:) Fingers crossed.  

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