14 weeks
Busy, busy, busy.  This weekend I went to my friends bachelorette party by Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  It was so much fun. It was so nice to spend time with my friends. I rarely do anything without Kenna, so at first it was weird because  I am so used to always watching her every second.  She is at the stage where she will try and eat anything. She has no fear.  We went swimming the other day and she doesn’t know how to swim, but tried to swim very unsuccessfully.  She floated right to the bottom of the pool.  I was standing right next to her and picked her up quickly and she was like whoa and didn’t even cry.  So I watch her very carefully.  It was nice to have a mommy break this weekend. Went pontooning, played sand volleyball, ate lots of yummy food, and talked around the camp fire. It was a great weekend and I cant wait for my friends’ wedding next weekend. She is going to be stunning bride.  
On Monday, I had a baby doc appointment. Everything went well. Baby’s heartbeat was 152.  Prior to this week I got my blood drawn to test to see if I have cholestasis.  I have extremely itchy palms and it usually only happens at night. WEIRD. Anyways, my doctor got my blood work back and said everything was good. I will get tested again at 28 weeks just to double check.  The condition is not the best for the baby so they just want to be sure I don’t have it.  I am positive that things will work out:)  

How far along?  14 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 4 pounds- lol like I said lots of yummy for at the bachelorette party   
Maternity clothes? No, but wufta, I don’t have a lot of shorts left I can wear- All I want to wear are my running shorts.   
Stretch Marks? zero so far-
Best Moment: Baby check up, also Kenna said I love you. I almost cried. It was the sweetest little thing.   
Miss Anything:  I feel like I am lazy bum because I don’t want to do anything!!!  
Movement: Not sure, the doc said my placenta is anterior again- so it is on the side of where my belly is so it will be longer before I feel things.  I had this with Kenna as well.    
Food cravings:  SALT, SALT, SALT- Chipotle, guacamole, chips, I love it all- Also a treat for dessert:)   
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Feeling pretty good
Have you started to show yet? Yes-  Getting thicker
Labor Signs: zero
Belly button in or out? In  
Gender: Still guessing boy
Wedding ring on or off? Still on.    
Happy or Moody most of the time: Emotional this week- I rarely cry-even pregnant and I cried multiple times this week. I think I was very tired from last weekend and needed to catch up on sleep.  Emotional roller coaster.   
Looking forward to:
We did not get our new patio yet, rescheduled for early fall:( I will have to wait patiently!  I am excited to go camping with my family this weekend:) WOOT WOOT.  We are going to a new campground.  I always love going to new places to see what it is like.   

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