After a long break from blogging I am back.  I now have time to breath and do things that I enjoy doing. Summer break has officially started today for me. I am beyond excited to be done with another school year. This last one took a toll on me. I don’t know if it was the 38 indoor recess days or the 27 8 to 9 years old seeking my 100% full attention everyday, but I am tired out to the max.  I am looking forward to spending time with my little girl.  Kenna is at such a fun age, I am looking forward to all the adventures and time we get to spend together this summer.  

So on the summer to do list: I have lots of things I want to accomplish this summer, some Work and Fun. We will see how many things get checked off. 

Fun First
1. Go to the beach
2. Go to the farm to visit Grandpa
3. Run a 5k with Kenna and Travis
4. Go to the library
5. Go to a water park
6. Go to a twins game
7. Go on a walk in a new place
8.  Go to the Minnesota State Zoo
9. Have a picnic
10. Make thank you treats for the neighbor
11. Do something nice for someone once a week
12. Put up a kiddie pool for Kenna
13. Do some garage sailing

Now on to the work list for both my husband and I
1. Paint the extra bedroom
2. Get blinds for the extra bedroom
3. Finish the rock wall
4. Finish the path in our landscape
5.Get the basement taped and painted
6. Work on painting trim

We will see how many I can get checked off my list. 


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