39 weeks and 3 days.  That means 4 days until due dateJ Holy smokes, where does the time go when your having funJ Or just crazy busy.  These last couple weeks have been great.  Last weekend, was my mom’s birthday so we went out to eat with her and my sisters to celebrate. I thought it would be fun to give her a grandchild for her birthday, but the baby didn’t agree and we had no such luck.   We also did a little shopping and then went and got the Christmas tree with my dad, Susan, and my sister.  At the time we had no snow and it was pretty nice out for December.  The rest of the day I just hung out on the couch.  Travis had to ref a basketball game so I just stayed home and watched some tv.  On Sunday, we had a snow storm and got 14 inches of snow lol.  It was pretty crazy.  So we just watched football all day and tried to go plow, but got stuck 3 times so thought we should wait until morning.   On Monday, school was canceled.  Alleluia.  A four day school week is just what I needed.  School flew by this week and I am looking forward to only have one week of school before Christmas breakJ          
As for baby news, we had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  She said everything is going great. I have not dropped yet and have not had any contractions so I am guessing this baby will be staying in my belly until Christmas.  It seems pretty happy and content in there.  She also didn’t check me this last week. Before I was only a half a cm dilated and I don’t think much had happened so we are just going to wait and check this next Tuesday.   I was going to go out and try to walk to get the baby moving, but it’s raining out.  I tell ya we get some crazy weather in Wisconsin.   I am very thankful that I have had such a wonderful pregnancy and still feel really good; I am just getting very excited to meet our little one.  To find out if it is a boy or a girl and to see what he/she looks like and how much he/she weighs.  Hopefully it will be sooner that two weeksJ Fingers crossed.              
How far along?  39 weeks  
Total weight gain/loss: 20- 21 lbs     
Maternity clothes? Yes.  Still mixing in some normal shirts, but I am running out of things to wear. 
Stretch Marks? Still keeping my fingers cross.  Everything looks good so far.   
Best Moment: This week we got our crib mattress and glider rocking chair in the mail.  Also, I got my hair cut and a pedicure from my wonderful sister.   Ohhh my sister also bought me a pregnancy massage for my baby shower so I went and got that this last week and it was fabulous.  
Miss Anything:  Running and exercising until I am so exhausted I can’t do anymore.  Sometimes it just feels good to kick your own butt and be really sore from working out.      
Movement: Yes, not as much.  I think the baby is getting too big for my belly.    
Food cravings:  Sweets and pizza lol.  They are not cravings where I need this right now they are just things I like to eat.  This week I have been eating a lot of grapefruit, Ritz Christmas cookies, pizza, and captain crunch.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing     
Have you started to show yet? Yes, baby belly continues to grow everyday.                
Labor Signs: Feeling great, too great.  
Belly button in or out? Poppin- my sister thinks its fun to poke now.        
Gender: No idea.  Lots of guesses lately that it is a boy.       
Wedding ring on or off? Still on.    
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy- excited, anxious, getting less patient at school with my kiddos.  Getting less patient with waiting and sometimes with my husband making comments about being patient.  Yes, yes, I am trying to be patient and not think about it, easier said then done.  
Looking forward to:
One week of school until Christmas breakJ Hopefully having a baby within the next week. MMMM that’s about all.  

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