35 weeks. Yes I look great in sweat pants:) Travis and I just cleaned the whole hosue.

34 Weeks

35 weeks pregnant.  I am getting so excited to meet this little girl or boy.  Travis and I have been getting things ready around the house. Organizing the baby room, washing baby clothes, and putting stuff in our room so we are all ready for when the little one decides it wants to arrive.  
As for this week, our lives have been very eventful.   Last week we traveled down to Milwaukee for Travis’s brothers wedding.  It was great to see all his family and celebrate his brothers wedding.  His aunt is an ob nurse and she predicted the baby would come early. Whooo hooo. Sounds good to me.   In addition, to traveling to Milwaukee I got the 24 hour flu while in Milwaukee. IT WAS TERRIBLE.  I am pretty sure I caught it from my kids at school.   On Friday on our drive down to Milwaukee I did not feel the best, but thought it could be from being pregnant and riding in the car for five some hours.  But I was wrong because as the day went on I got more and more sick.  By the time we were at the rehearsal dinner I felt terrible. After that things went down hill and let’s say it was a bad night with no sleep.  I was very thankful that the next day I woke up after two hours of sleep and did not feel sick.  I was pretty tired for the wedding, but no puking. So that’s good.  I also didn’t get to bust a move since my doctor told me to take it easy. I will post pictures from the wedding soon.   
I have also been crazy busy at school trying to get things organized and grades ready for report cards.  Today one of my students asked me if being a teacher is hard.  I said it is just A LOT of work.  My job is never done and there are always more things you can do to make your lessons better or your classroom better for your kiddos.   It will be interesting to leave my class for my maternity leave.  It will be weird to turn over my classroom.     
How far along?  35 Weeks  
Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds. Didn’t gain much because of the flu, but have been eating double to make up for it.  
Maternity clothes? Yes. My normal wardrobe is starting to get smaller and smaller.  I look at some of my clothes and can’t believe I ever fit into them.   
Stretch Marks? Zero spotted so far.  Keeping my fingers cross. 
Best Moment: Getting the baby’s room organizedJ 
Miss Anything:  I think the baby has a foot stuck in my ribs.  I have pain all day. I also miss running and working up a good sweat.        
Movement: Yes, lots still.   I feel hiccups almost every night.       
Food cravings:  No cravings  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything on Friday night    
Have you started to show yet? Yes, yes, and yes. Baby belly is growing everyday.        
Labor Signs: I think I did have some contractions over the weekend when I was sick and dehydrated.    
Belly button in or out? Poppin      
Wedding ring on or off? My wedding ring is still on. I think it got a little tighter this week. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy-
Looking forward to: I am looking forward to my friends coming this weekendJ I can’t wait to see them.  I miss them so much. They all live way to far away.  Also, my sister is throwing me a shower this weekend.  I am also looking forward to our next doctors’ appointment a week from now.  The doctor is going to give me my first check.  I am sure there will be nothing exciting going on, but it just means were one step closer to meeting baby H.  I am also excited for Thanksgiving and black Friday.  So many great things coming upJ  

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