30 weeks

A little late posting my 30 weeks, but another crazy week.   
This week Travis and I had parent teacher conferences.  So we spent all week in our rooms getting ready.  We also went to my grandma’s house on Wednesday night to celebrate my brother in laws birthday. It was great seeing my sisters, mom, grandma, and nephews.  Otherwise on Thursday I spent 13 hours at school for conferences, but luckily only had a half day Friday.  This was a good thing because I was soooo exhausted.   Friday after school Travis and I had a doctor appointment and he took me out to lunch at a nice restaurant with great food. It was a nice little lunch date.   The baby’s doctor appointment went great.  She said my uterus is measuring right on for 30 weeks.  She also asked us if we thought about all of these questions about birth and after birth and Trav and I looked at each other and was like no, but we will get on that.  It is crazy to think that soon our little baby will be here.  The rest of Friday I just slept.  Travis had his last football game of the season, so no we can hang out on Friday’s together.  Today we are going shopping and then to a wedding. I can’t wait to see some of my family and dance it up.   Tomorrow we are FINALLY finishing our in-floor heat and I could not be more excited.  I am also going to watch my nephew play in a football tournament.  He is 6th grade and he loves football. I can’t wait to watch him play. 
How far along?  30 Weeks  
Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds. 
Maternity clothes? Still rocking the belly band, I am also going today to buy a couple maternity clothes because the mornings are becoming very frustrating when I go to put on my shirts and none of them fit and I can’t even button any of them up.      
Stretch Marks? None so far, but I hear they come in the last couple weeks so we will continue to keep our fingers cross.  I decided I should drink more water to make my skin more elastic.  
Best Moment: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat.  Also, now when I lay down I can tell where the baby is in my belly because my stomach gets all lopsided.  It is pretty crazy awesome.  Another great moment was making it through my first parent teacher conferences as a third grade teacher.  Wufta. 
Miss Anything:  NOT BEING TIRED and missing out on things because I am too tiredL It is okay, I know it is all worth itJ      
Movement: Yes, now the kicks are up in my ribs and down on my sides, they are also getting harder. Sometimes they hurt a little.  I think our baby may have some strong legs in there. 
Food cravings:  No food cravings  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Travis’s watermelon gum.  It smelt terrible and I almost made him spit it out.  He was also chewing very loudly.  I usually love watermelon gum, but did not want any of it.      
Have you started to show yet? Yes, it is growing by the minute.     
Labor Signs: No labor signs. 
Belly button in or out? It’s official, I have an innie and an outtie belly button, but that is okay because my best friend has one and now I feel cool to be like herJ 
Wedding ring on or off? My wedding ring is still on.  
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy   
Looking forward to:  I am looking forward to next Saturday, we have our first baby shower on my Dad’s side. I can’t wait to see all my family and celebrate little baby H’s arrival in a couple of months.  I am also excited that we have a four day work week.  Well technically five days, but we only have kids for four days.   I am also excited because this weekend my best friend moved to Rochester, which is only an hour and half from me. WHOO HOOO. I can go see her anytime I want now.  Just drive down for the day if I feel like it.  Soo excited.     

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