A little late posting my 29 weeks, but it was a crazy week.   
Let’s start with me catching a cold which makes everything a lot more tired and exhausting.   On Saturday I woke up bright and early for my 3 hour glucose test and headed to the doctor, tired and sick. Once you get there they draw your blood to see where your sugar levels are at.  Then you drink the sugar syrup and they draw your blood every hour after that for three hours.  By my second drawing my vein was tender and a little swollen, but they tried to draw blood anyways and my vein rolled over (which was not pleasant) and they couldn’t get any blood. So they went to switch arms and I started to get very light headed and almost passed out.  They said with fasting for so long and then the sugar spike and then with my veins not cooperating that my body wasn’t too happy.  Well they laid me down and put hot packs over my veins to help them pop, since I have small veins.   We then finally got my second blood vile drawn.  Only two more to go.  After it was all said and done. I felt even more sick and tired then when I got there and had not ate anything for 15 hours. The baby was not happy.  The rest of the day I was whipped out and could not get off the couch.  Which meant that I missed my little sister running at the GriakL  It was the first Griak cross country meet I have missed in years.  
As for the rest of my week, I was still sick when I went back to school on Monday.  After school on Monday I went right home and laid on the couch and didn’t move until bed at 8:30.  Tuesday, I had to stay at school late since I did not do anything Monday night.  When I went to leave from school at 7:15 p.m. I realized I couldn’t find my keys.  Or where or where could I have put them.  OHHH yes in my car.  I had locked my keys in my car that morning. So I had to call my husband and wait for him to come get me.  On Wednesday we had our first baby class from 7 to 9 p.m. in Stillwater.  It was on breastfeeding and was pretty fascinating.  We also got to witness a very old school video on a woman breast feeding her baby.  With close up shots of the woman’s breast and a very hungry baby who couldn’t wait to eat.  To say the least Travis and I were very tired and very giggly and got a kick out of the video.   Everyone else was very serious at the class so Travis and I tried to keep out giggles under control.   Moving on to Thursday, during school we discovered that our house was going to get assessed the next day.   We are getting our house refinanced and they need to reassess your house to make sure that the value of the house did not decrease.  Once we found that out, we knew that the rest of our Thursday night would be cleaning our house.  Not that Travis are messy people, but we had been moving things around and stacking things as we were trying to set up the baby room.   We also had some vacuuming, dishes, and sweeping to do.
Then on Friday I went to school and it was a great Friday with the kids and as soon as the bell rang I was off to my friends wedding.  I had a wonderful Friday night celebrating two wonderful people’s marriage.  It was great hanging out with friends and visiting.  Baby H and I also busted some moves on the dance floor.   There is my week in a nutshell. It is amazing how fast the weeks go by.  It is also crazy to think that there are only ten weeks left in my pregnancy and that I will be full term in 7 weeks. Holy Smokes.  Baby H is going to be here before we know it and WE CANT WAIT TO MEET OUR LITTLE BUNDLE.  
How far along?  29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 11 pounds. 
Maternity clothes? Still rocking the belly band.    
Stretch Marks? None that I have spotted, wufta, we will see how these next 10 weeks treat me.    
Best Moment: Celebrating my friends wedding. It was so beautiful and they were so happy.  Their wedding also brought back memories of me and Travis getting married, which was the best day of my life.   Being married to Travis is so greatJ     
Miss Anything:  Feeling healthy and full of energy.     
Movement: Yes, a lot more aggressive and harder.  It is pretty awesome.   
Food cravings:  No food cravings  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just caught a cold from my little 3rd graders.   
Have you started to show yet? Yes, people tell me that my belly looks bigger everyday.  Also a couple people asked me if I am expecting and when I am dueJ  
Labor Signs: No labor signs. 
Belly button in or out? Watching it change by the day.  Lol it is pretty crazy. 
Wedding ring on or off? My wedding ring is still on.  
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy   
Looking forward to: Next week I have parent teacher conferences so I only have a 4.5 day work weekJ  It will be nice to have a little extra time on Friday.  I also have another doctor appointment. I love all of my doctor appointments because I get to check in and make sure everything is all good with baby H. 


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