Holy smokes where has June gone.  It makes me sad to think how fast summer is going by.  My summer break just started on Friday.  I finished up summer school and couldn’t be happier.  Now I have all of July to relax and then August is back to work in my new classroom to get ready for my kiddos.  Our life has been crazy busy as always. Friday through Monday we went camping with some of my family.  With the start of July also came the start of wicked hot humid weather.  Mid to upper 90’s everyday with humidity.  I am starting to believe that a person can melt.  Maybe the witch from Wizard of Oz wasn’t crazy.  Besides the heat camping was a ton of fun.   On Monday my best friend and her boyfriend met us at the campground and we went sat in a waterfall at the campground to cool off from the heat.  After we packed up we went back to our cool ac house.  I think I am turning into a baby because I LOVE MY AC.  My friend and her boyfriend stayed with us played cards, went down to Stillwater to get some frozen yogurt and enjoyed the short evening together and then just like that they are gone the next day.  It was so great to see them, I am trying to convince them to move within a 50 mile radius of us so that we can see them more.  As for the today, we had a doctors appointment this morning:) WhOO HOOO.  We got to hear the heartbeat (151) It is slowly dropping from its original (171) heartbeat.  Maybe little baby Helland was napping.  Later today we are headed up to my husbands parents cabin to play out on the pontoon and do a little swimming and fishing. Then I have my uncles 50th birthday party on Friday, Cousins wedding on Saturday, and church and softball on Sunday. WUFTA.  The best part of all is that I dont have to go back to work on MONDAY:)  So that will give me lots of time to start looking for ideas for the baby room:) I cant wait. Here is all little about what’s happening in my pregnancy world. 

16 Weeks
How far along?  16 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: 1 pound
Maternity clothes? Still wearing all of my normal clothes. Hopefully, I can wear them for as long as possible.  Cross my fingers that I make it through the summer so that I only have to buy one season of maternity clothes. 
Stretch Marks? None so far that I have spotted
Sleep: My sleep this week has not been the best.  I was camping in 90 some degree heat and had some itchy skin problems which lead to very little sleep.     
Best Moment: So many great things this week.  Travis and I went camping with some of my family (mini golf, swimming, ice cream, jeep rides, and croquet), my best friend and her boyfriend came into town for the night and we had a doctor’s appointmentJ 
Miss Anything? Caffeine, this might be a weekly thing.  I just love drinking cold iced coffees in the summer and then warm coffee with pumpkin spice creamer in the fall. Mmmmm   
Movement: Not so far, the doctor said I should start to feel something in the next couple weeks and I am soooo excited. 
Food cravings: Don’t really have any food cravings.  I am just starting to get hungrier.  I think my husband is having some weird pregnancy cravings.  He came into the living room with marshmallows in his fruit punch juice.  Lol, I think he is getting all the weird cravings for me. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing so far. I have been very lucky. 
Have you started to show yet?  I think there is a little bump trying to make its way through.  When I drink lots of water or eat lots of food I look pregnant. 
Gender: We’re not going to find out, but according to the Chinese chart it is a girl lol. 
Labor Signs:  Hopefully, Staying clear of those for a good 5 months or so. 
Belly button in or out? Belly Button in
Wedding ring on or off? Still onJ
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy this week lots of wonderful things going on for the 4th of July. 
Looking forward to: To having our ULTRASOUND at the next appointment.  I can’t believe we get to see our little baby in four weeksJ Also, I can’t wait to feel little baby Helland move.  I am surprised I haven’t felt it yet.  If it is anything like its parents I am sure it’s moving like crazy in there. I am also looking forward to watching fireworks on the Fourth of July and my cousins wedding this coming weekendJ      

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