Finally our secret is out.  My husband and I are expecting our first baby:) We are  beyond excited and can’t wait.  I decided to blog about my experiences of being pregnant in a crazy busy life.  I am 13 1/2  weeks along. 

A little bit about how we found out.  It was a couple day before my 25th birthday and I took a pregnancy test while my husband was at work.  I had never taken one before so this was quite the experience. First, I couldn’t believe I was taking one and second I couldn’t believe what I saw after two minutes.  Sure enough there was a little faint second pink line.  HOLY SMOKES, I was pregnant.  So many emotions went through my mind.  I was very excited, but most of all I couldn’t believe I was pregnant.  I had no idea how to tell my husband that we were expecting.  I didn’t plan anything fun because I was still in shock.  So as soon as he came home I was standing on the stairs smiling like a little girl and said Travis guess what.  I have something to show you.  When he came upstairs I handed him the pregnancy test and he was like no way.  Then we hugged and kissed and were beyond excited.  I don’t think if officially sank in for either of us that we were going to have a little baby.  From there we waited a week or so before we told our immediate families.  Then we had to patiently wait till we hit 12 weeks to tell the world.  And here I am  13.5 weeks along and sharing my first pregnancy experience. 

This was how we revealed our secret to the world:) 

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