Here comes Baby Number 4!

12 Weeks Round 4

Here we go again. We are blessed to be having one more little baby Helland. We will not be having any more after this one!  Trav and I always wanted a large family.  I had always wanted 4 children.  So here we are back at it one more time.

This time around things have been a little rougher.  I am trying to be thankful for all of the uncomfortableness and trying to remember everything. It is crazy to think this is my last time being pregnant. I have pretty much been pregnant or just post pregnant for the last 6 years of my life lol.  I am thankful I do not get nauseous or anything like that, but I do feel sick everyday.   For awhile anything I ate gave me a really bad stomach ache and then if I didn’t eat anything it would be worse.  Certain foods would really throw off my system and I would feel awful all day.  I am finally starting to come around a little bit:)  My energy is coming back and I am able to do more things with the girls and accomplish more things around the house and for work.  YAY!!!!!  Perfect time with Christmas right around the corner:)   This week you will be getting two post so I can catch up!!!!   I am still looking for the best place to take pictures.  This is the first time taking bump pictures in our new home!!!

IMG_0025 (1)


How far along:  12 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:  2 pounds

Maternity clothes: No, but my jean are getting tight.  I also have been wearing a lot of leggings. Yay for being pregnant in the winter time.

Stretch Marks: Just a couple left over from my last three pregnancies

Symptoms: I am still pretty tired out and need to eat right away in the morning. Thankfully this time I do not have itchy hands or a weird face rash, so that is super nice. My face is still having some pregnancy acne, but at least it is not bright right and bumpy.

Best Moment: Finally getting to tell everyone we are pregnant. It is such a long wait before you are able to tell anyone.

Miss Anything:  Energy and not getting sick from eating certain foods

Movement: Nothing yet

Food cravings:  Anything salty.  Nothing specific though.

Anything making you queasy or sick: If I don’t eat often enough and certain foods don’t sit well

Have you started to show yet? My stomach is growing. I think from the day I found out I was pregnant my stomach got instantly bloated and never went back down.

Labor Signs: zero

Belly button in or out: In

Gender: I have no idea.  It will be fun to see if I carry the same way, what the heart rate is, and all of other fun wise tales.  We will not be finding out again. BEST surprise ever.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: CRABBY.  Oh man my patience is short and I have been pretty crabby lately. I think I just need a little time for myself.

Baby’s Heart Rate: 175- that was at 11 weeks. My doctor couldn’t get me in at 12 weeks so I just went in early.

Looking forward to: To tell all of my friends and family that we are having another baby!  Christmas!!! It is such a magical time of year. We have so many fun weekends and activities planned. Hopefully I have enough energy to keep up.

This is how we announced our 4th pregnancy!  Santa is bringing the girls a late Christmas present in June.  God has blessed us with one more, here comes baby number 4!<3

Baby number 4


Run for her

There once was a girl that would run and run and run with no where to go. She didn’t know how fast she was going, she didn’t know how many miles she was running, she didn’t have a stop watch on, or music playing in her ear.  She just liked to run. It felt natural to her.  She just felt good running.

That was me, 18 years ago, before I started high school. I would just go for run around town and see how far I could go and what I could see. It was before my days of running cross country and track where I ran straight for almost nine years through rain, wind, snow, blazing heat, and any other type of weather.  After high school, I went to college to run, and it became like my job and I loved it.

I am super competitive so it became my competitive nature to try to compete in running. I started to learn how to train, do repeats, time myself, and on my runs I would always want to beat my last time or my last rep.  I raced for 9 years- In high school I ran cross country and track- and then I went to the U of M to run, and ran with some of the most amazing people I have ever met and was coached by some of the most outstanding coaches.  I LOVED running at the U of M. I LOVED the competition, I loved being on a big ten team,  I LOVED to compete, but you guys I grew up in the middle of a field and my dad was a farmer. I did not love the big city.  So, I transferred to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh- one of the top Division Three running programs.  I again met some of the best runners and people and was again blessed to be coached by one of the best division 3 cross country and track coaches in the nation.  I ran and ran and ran. I ran because I wanted to get faster. I ran to win.  I was in the best shape of my life and running the fastest times in my life. I was living on a runners high.

Fast forward 8 years and 3 babies later and this mama is not living on a runners high anymore.  You guys I can barely make it out the door to get a 3 mile run in.  I also haven’t raced in years- First: because I haven’t found time to train in years! Second: I don’t know if I will be able to bear how slow I will be. I know I will never be as fast as I was when I was in college, but it kind of scares me of how slow I could be.   Sounds stupid I know, but it is mentally hard to know once that I could easily run under 7 minute mile pace in the wee hours of the morning before I was even fully awake to now where I don’t even know if I could race a 7 minute mile ha. BUT I would die trying if I had too lol.  So what I FINALLY came to the conclusion of and came at peace with is that: I will forget about the times I used to run, the shape I used to be in, the miles I used to run and I will start running for the enjoyment again.  I will run the fact that I am capable of running and that God has granted me a body (for the time being) that is able run.

I will run for the mama of three who needs a break and her escape is running – I will run for her

I will run for the woman who loved to feel the pavement under her feet and just wanted to see where the road would take her- I will run for her

I will run for the woman who can’t afford cute running clothes or the fanciest new shoes, I will run for her

I will run for the woman that doesn’t use a stop watch, fitbit, iphone, Apple Watch, Garmin, or any other type of tracker- I will run for her

I will run for the woman who wishes she could run again, but her body will not let her- I will run for her

I will run for the woman that is too old, too tired, or too sick to run, I will run for her

I will not be fast, I will not be far, my legs will hurt, my lungs will suck, but God still allows me to run so I am going to do it for as long as I can.  I won’t run for the girl who I used to be, I will run for the woman I have become.  The mama of three who is tired, but man does it feel good when I sneak away for 30 minutes and just RUN!

Get out there and run for her!!


What a Year

It has been soo long since I have posted.  Having three kids was a game changer lol.  A great, busy, messy, would never go back game changer.  Going from two to three kids was our biggest transition yet.  In addition, Jovie our littlest, is a Tasmanian devil, tank, tornado, you could choose any of those words to describe her.  A constant mess in the making where ever she is.  Someone you always have to keep your eye on because she is eating something, or drinking something, or finding something that she is not supposed to have.  On top of having Jovie last year we had some big changes aka why I haven’t had time to post or do anything.  I will break it down.

October– Had Jovie- Travis is still teaching during the day and remodeling a fliphouse at night and on weekends

November– I get postpartum depression again:( (the worst thing in the world)- Travis gets fliphouse ready to sell.

December– We sell Flip House (YAY)-Kenna turns 4

January– We start finishing our basement at home- Emmy turns 2

February– We BUY a new home for us to move into-  Get our old house ready to sell- Sold our old house.  Start remodeling our new home.

March–  Trav spends day and night remodeling our new house-  Travis’s parents, my dad, the girls, and I move all of our stuff into the new house while Travis is at the first day of Baseball practice.  We live in our new home- that is not yet finished- waiting for counter tops because the company thought they ordered them 5 weeks ago, but they didn’t.

April– Baseball season is in full swing- trying to adjust to our new home- I turn 30- YAY

May– Still in full swing of baseball season- we miss daddy- our house is coming together

June– We did it- we survived baseball season- we survived our new home- Trav continues to finish up projects in our new home.  We go camping as a family!

July- Trav turns 31- we enjoy summer a little bit- continue to work on house projects- and we BUY ANOTHER FLIPHOUSE.

August– We start work on new fliphouse- wufta- we are crazy

September– Kenna starts 4k, Trav starts teaching again, still working on fliphouse on nights and weekends

October– Get fliphouse ready to sell- everyone is tired- Jovie turns 1-  WHAT a year we had with little Jovie- Sold three houses, moved, and remodeled our current home, and made it through a baseball season.  Sell fliphouse- YAY

November– Let’s just do nothing. Hunting, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping

December– Kenna turns 5- how did that happen

January– Emmy turns 3- Girls complete swimming lesson

February– Trying to get things organized-baseball season starts next month

March– Trav and I go on a long over due trip to Mexico with some amazing friends- (can we go again please)   Trav starts baseball season

April- Baseball season is in full swing.

May– Still in baseball season mode.  We are having my sister’s wedding shower and rehearsal dinner at our house.  I work on lots of landscaping and cleaning- we host wedding shower

June- We host rehearsal dinner, celebrate my little sisters wedding- Road trip to Virginia for Trav’s brothers wedding- Celebrate Trav’s brothers wedding

I haven’t had a second to write a blog post and I really missed it. I love going back and reading what adventures we have been on and how much our little family has grown.  I hope to be writing more soon about my crazy clean eating diet, trying to run again, raising my little munchkins, and how to live just a little be more natural.  This last year and half was one to remember.  I don’t think I could have survived without Trav and my family.  I am truly blessed.

Here are just a couple of pictures from the last year-  I will post more of the remodel of our home in upcoming posts.

XO Ayla